Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sherri Shepherd Claims Jamie Foxx Still Owes Her $50 from the 90s when He was Broke and Homeless

Sherri Shepherd - Jamie Foxx (Bravo-Getty)
Sherri Shepherd – Jamie Foxx (Bravo-Getty)

*Jamie Foxx is clearly well established now, but in the earlier days of his career, he allegedly borrowed $50 from Sherri Shepherd and has yet to pay her back.

The former The View co-host shared the story on PEOPLE in the 90s podcast and said,

“He might deny it to this day. He might act like he don’t. Oh, he might have little memory blasts, but, yes, he does owe me $50.”
She continued, “I think it was the final call back or something for In Living Color, it was some audition he was going for, and he didn’t have any money. And it was one of those days where his girlfriend had put him out.”

She explained the drama with Jamie Foxx’s then-girlfriend and said,

“He used to date this girl […] She made him sign a contract that if he made it big, she was going to take like 75% of everything he made. But he needed a place to stay, so he signed it. So he was with this girl. […] and every time she came to the comedy club, ooh, she was jealous of every dag-gone body. She would come to the comedy club [and] Jamie would go out the back room.”
She added,

“She put him out and he didn’t have any money. And I loaned him $50, and he never gave it back to me. And if you talk to him and he coming at, ‘I don’t remember.’ No, you owe me $50, Jamie Foxx.” Full story on

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