Saturday, September 18, 2021

Mo’Nique Urges Black Women to Stop Wearing Bonnets, Pajamas in Public [VIDEO]

Mo’Nique2*Mo’Nique hit up social media to deliver a message to Black women who choose to look a hot mess in public. 

The Oscar-winning actress says she is sick of seeing Black women wearing pajamas and bonnets in public, and I co-sign her message.

The “Precious” star was compelled to address this troubling trend after seeing young Black women at the airport looking trifling. 

”As we began to walk through the airport, I saw so many – actually too many to count and too many for me to tap – but, I saw so many of our young sistas in head bonnets, scarves, slippers, pajamas, blankets wrapped around them…and this is how they are showing up to the airport,” she said. Hear/watch Mo tell it via the clip below.

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She continued: ”And the question I am having to you, my sweet babies – when did we lose pride in representing ourselves? When did we step away from let me make sure I’m presentable when I leave my home? Let me make sure I’m representing the family I created so that if I’m out in the street I look like I have pride in myself.”

As expected, because she’s speaking truth and many Black people don’t like for the culture to be criticized for any reason, Mo’s message received mixed reactions on social media, The YBF reports. 

Comedian Rickey Smiley addressed the backlash to Mo’Nique’s commentary — peep what he had to say via the YouTube clip below. 

Meanwhile, do you agree or disagree with Mo’Nique? Sound off in the comments. 


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