Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Must See! Black Actor Delroy Lindo Challenges White Actor to Use the N-Word on ‘The Good Fight’ / WATCH

White anchor wants to say the n-word

*Most television dramas have always been scripted but were meant to present a real sense of actuality to viewers.

However, a 2018 clip of an episode of CBS’s “The Good Fight” – now in its fourth season – took script-writing and acting to a new level.

The resurfaced clip, which has recently gone viral, depicts a bold verbal exchange between a White newscaster and attorney and television panelist Adrian Boseman, played by Delroy Lindo. The newscaster speaks to the panel on-air about there being a double standard when it comes to who can use the n-word.

Boseman (Lindo) listens as another panelist says how White people feel victimized by racism.

“I see racism against Whites every day. Yet, I’m a racist for pointing that out?” said the White panelist.

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Delroy Lindo responds to White anchor who wants to say the n-wordWhen the character played by Lindo doesn’t respond, the actor portraying the newscaster feels emboldened, saying, “I think Chuck is pointing out a double standard here. Take Hip-Hop.  We’ve talked about this on the show before. You have African American rappers saying n-word this and n-word that, but a Caucasian can’t.”

Lindo’s character, Attorney Adrian Boseman, glares at the White newscaster and says, “So, say it.  Say the word you want to say.”

When the newscaster nervously explains that he can’t say the n-word, Boseman strongly urges him to get it out.

“Sure you can. Say it right now…I will say it with you.”

The exchange is chilling, and Twitter users say Lindo wasn’t acting; he purposely went off-script. Many viewers of “The Good Fight” believe that White people’s use of the n-word over the centuries sparked a real-life moment of intolerance for Lindo, which transcended the script. His message challenged the other Whites on the show and millions of viewers about using the n-word that they want to say in the first place. His facial expressions were priceless.




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