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Sharon Osbourne’s Alleged Text Messages to Sheryl Underwood Show She ‘Apologized’ After Fallout

*Sharon Osbourne has responded to Sheryl Underwood’s claim that she hasn’t reached out since their heated exchange on “The Talk” last month. 

During the March 10 episode, Osbourne had an emotional breakdown while defending her friend Piers Morgan against accusations that his criticism of Meghan Markle is racist.

Underwood made clear on her podcast this week that Osbourne has not reached out to her since their fallout. On Tuesday, Osbourne shared text messages with The Daily Mail that she claimed to have sent to her former co-host. Screenshots of the messages show they were sent between March 12 and March 18. 

“Sheryl, My heart is heavy and I’m deeply saddened by the events that transpired on Wednesday. I don’t want to lose my true friend over this,” the first message reads. “Im sorry for telling you to f— off during the break, I’m sorry for accusing you of fake crying while we were live on air I’m sorry for losing my temper with you. I felt shocked, scared and saddened by what felt like was a blind sided attack. You know me. You know how I’ve always had your back.”

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The text continues, “We’ve outlasted everyone on this show and that’s because we’ve always been a team and had each other backs. I consider you a genuine friend. If you want to talk on the phone over the weekend I’m here. Once again from the bottom of my heart I’m sorry. Is there anything You need from me of that I can do to help you heal? Love and respect always – Sharon.” 

The reportedly screenshots show no responses from Underwood. 

During a recent three-part series on Underwood’s podcast titled “Sharon Walks Away,” Underwood was asked by her co-host whether Osbourne called her directly to apologize. Underwood gave a definitive “no” and, per PEOPLE, then went through her phone history to confirm. 

Underwood also admitted that when she joined “The Talk” for its second season in 2011, several colleagues warned her about Osbourne’s racist personality.

“I automatically just fell in love with her because I just like her. And I heard things and I was like, ‘They got nothing to do with me.’ My thing is I’m going to get to know you first,” Underwood said.

“I had heard things, and I got phone calls of this and that and so what I said to those people, I said, ‘Thank you for the information.’ Because listen, in this business you’ve got all types of personalities, right?” she continued.

Underwood did not explain what she heard about Osbourne but said those things were later confirmed. 

Despite the fallout, Underwood appears to still have love for Osbourne and her family.

“I still love the Osbournes, from what I’ve known of them,” she said. “I don’t know anything other than what I’ve experienced with them, and this thing that has happened is disappointing to me.”

“And maybe people don’t want to hear me say, ‘I still love the Osbournes.’ I’m not saying I liked being treated the way I was treated,” she added. “I’m very disappointed. And I’m just trying to navigate my feelings about that because it was a trauma.” 

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