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Breonna Taylor’s Mother Reacts to Students Who Called Out Georgia Teacher

*Breonna Taylor‘s mother has responded to the backlash over a Georgia teacher spreading lies about her daughter’s death. 

We previously reported… a high school forensic science teacher told her students Taylor caused her own death by hanging out with bad people. Now that teacher is fending off calls for her to be fired.

Susan McCoy at Pebblebrook High School in Mableton, GA, told her students in a zoom class: “I’m sorry she was killed, but you know, when you hang out with people with guns and shooting, you’re likely to get caught in the crossfire.”

McCoy, who at one point said, “What’s her name — Breonna something” — leveled false allegations against Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, saying Breonna was “hanging out with the guy who was wanted on charges … and he fired at them, and they fired back.”

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Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor (photo via Twitter)

The bottom line is Walker was NOT the guy who was wanted on charges … he and Breonna were simply sleeping when cops broke into their home. Walker says cops never ID’d themselves and he fired a shot in self-defense, striking a cop, and that’s when police returned fire, killing Breonna.

Attorney Sam Aguiar, who represents Breonna’s mother Tamika Palmer, tells TMZ his client saw the video of the Zoom class and found it very disturbing. Tamika is proud of the students who spoke out against McCoy.

McCoy has since apologized for her remarks, calling them ignorant. 

Taylor, 26, was shot eight times when three plainclothes officers performed a no-knock arrest warrant at her Louisville apartment in March. 

A search warrant revealed cops believed Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, 30, was hiding drugs or money at the apartment. 

At the time of the raid, Glover was already in police custody 10 miles away. No drugs or cash were found at Taylor’s home. Many believe the officers targeted Taylor to rob her of the money and drugs they believed she was in possession of. 

Three undercover Louisville officers, Myles Cosgrove, Brett Hankison and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, conducted an improper raid when they burst into Taylor’s home and fired at least 22 times, with bullets going into neighboring apartments. 

Walker, a licensed gun owner, shot at officers when they attempted to enter without announcing themselves. He was not injured in the incident but was arrested and charged with first-degree assault and attempted murder for allegedly striking a police officer when he fired one shot out of Taylor’s apartment. 

The charges against Walker were ultimately dropped and now he is seeking immunity against his actions under Kentucky’s “stand your ground” law, ABC News reported. 

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