Sunday, November 28, 2021

After Leading Cops on 2-County Pursuit, This Black Woman Got A HUG Instead of Handcuffs! / WATCH

*With a black female driver being pursued by white police officers in Kentucky, the possibility for things going left for the person behind the wheel were exponential. However, we can gladly report that the situation ended on a very interesting and positive note.

To say the wild pursuit in Kentucky ended on an up note is an understatement.  That’s because one of the cops who approached her car with his weapon drawn, Hodgenville Chief James Richardson, actually HUGGED the distressed driver instead of slapping handcuffs on her.

As you can see in the body cam footage above that captured the conclusion of a cop chase that reportedly spanned 2 counties Wednesday, after police say Latrece Curry took off from a domestic dispute with her husband … and fled when authorities tried to track her down.

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Latrece Curry (screenshot-bodycam)
A distressed Latrece Curry ended up getting a hug instead of handcuffs

Here’s more via TMZ:

It has all the makings of an intense confrontation — several police vehicles surround Curry, sirens blare, cops approach with guns drawn — but Chief  Richardson noticed something as he got closer and demanded she open her door … she was completely terrified.

Chief Richardson says … “The look on her face was of sheer terror. She was shaking and it was obvious she was scared. I talked to her to calm her down and then she hugged me. That has never happened to me after a pursuit.” De-escalation at its finest.

The chief says Curry was shaking so badly she couldn’t even get her seat belt off, so he helped her and she started crying and hugged him. He says he didn’t perceive her to be a threat in any way.

James RichardsonYou’re no doubt wondering why she booked up from the cops in the first place? Well, Chief Richardson told the New York Post, “She was just in the zone, she didn’t know what she was doing and she was extremely sorry.” He says she simply made a bad choice.

Curry was later taken into custody and charged with fleeing police, endangerment and traffic violations, the department said.



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