Thursday, March 4, 2021

‘Grown-ish’ Gals Spill the Tea on Season3 / EUR ExclusiveWatch

*Zoe (Yara Shahidi) and the crew are back for season 3b of “Grown-ish.” The second half of season 3 picks up with Zoe dealing with life after college. She may be a college drop out now but she is becoming the stylist and fashion icon she’s been dreaming about.  

Our correspondent L.Marie sat down with the cast to get a sneak peek of what fans can expect in the new season. 

“Zoe is really now managing being a stylist, and realizing that following her dreams isn’t a dream every step of the way now that she is in the adult world,” says Shahidi.

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Speaking of the adult world, Nomi is getting a taste of it as well. The last season ended with her water breaking and now fans will see her figure out life with a baby.

“Nomi has some big, big probably the biggest life decision to make on what she’s going to do with her kiddo,” says Emily Arlook, who plays Nomi.  

All of the ladies are facing crossroads in their life. Some of those roads may be a bit bumpier than others but they are all going through it together. Ana, played by Francia Raisa,  encounters a relationship that makes her question herself and her beliefs. 

“She has always been a faithful person but her faith is almost being challenged in this next season. It’s the first time we see Ana in a relationship,” says Raisa.

Chloe and Halle Bailey - Grown-ish
Chloe and Halle Bailey / Grown-ish

The twins, Jazz and Sky, played by Chloe and Halle Bailey, are struggling with finding their voice outside of being athletes. When the school activist Aaron (Trevor Jackson) starts a campus sit-in, the girls are faced with the decision to speak up or keep it politically correct so they don’t appear to be the “problematic” athletes 

Make sure to check out “Grown-ish” on Freeform to see how the ladies handle college/adult life. 

 “Grown-ish” airs on Freeform Thursday, January 21 



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