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Wendy Williams Blasts Brother for Brawling with Family Member at Mom’s Funeral [VIDEO]

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Wendy & Tommy Williams

*Wendy Williams and her brother Tommy are feuding after he accused her of not attending their mother’s funeral. 

We previously reported… on Monday’s episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” the host asked her audience: “Have you seen this nonsense my brother has been putting on the internet?”

During the segment, she warned Tommy: “You and your wife better get your life before I get it for you.” 

She also clarified that she did attend “mommy’s service,” where she alleged that Tommy “fist fought” an unnamed family member. Tommy claims the former DJ actually attended her mother’s wake, while her son and ex-husband Kevin Hunter attended the funeral. 

Tommy uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in which he noted his disappointment that his sister didn’t pay her respects to their mother Shirley Williams, who reportedly passed away November 29. He accuses Wendy of going “out to lunch” with her ex and their son Kevin Hunter Jr. instead of attending the funeral. 

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Williams fired back on her talk show Tuesday, saying: “Tommy, I talked to daddy… Tommy you know I was at mommy’s service and you know that you fist fought a loving member of our family who’s half your age… You started a fight over an open casket with mother right there and thank God we were at a civilized funeral home, where they helped shield my mother’s casket from being knocked over,” she recalled.

As the alleged fight broke out, Williams said her ex decided to intervene and the family voted to “defend [him] until the end” if they all wound up in court over the confrontation. 

“He walked up to the front and separated my brother and this young family member, who was very confused being a young man and moved it all out to the lobby,” she said. 

“For all of you all who wonder why I said on that day [that] I appreciate my ex-husband more than I can appreciate my brother, it’s because my ex-husband was invited to be there,” Wendy continued, saying she and her mother talked about Kevin Sr. attending before her death. She also noted that her mother “wore a gorgeous cheetah print dress” from Neiman Marcus and “the right lipstick in a particular pink she wanted” for her going home service. 

“And you fought someone,” Wendy said to the camera to her brother.

Hear/watch Wendy tell it via the clip below.

So what is this all about? What’s really going on? WHY would Tommy say Wendy didn’t attend their mother’s funeral if she actually did? After all, there were others there so somebody other than Wendy and Tommy knows the truth. Hopefully, someone will speak up and pend this mess. We’re waiting.

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