Monday, January 18, 2021

Ahmaud Arbery Murder Suspects Request That He Not be Referred to As ‘Victim’ During Trial

gregory & travis mcdaniel - arbery
Ahmaud Arbery (center) and Gregory & Travis McMichael

*The two men who are suspected of killing Ahmaud Arbery have submitted a request that no one refers to him as a “victim” during the upcoming trial.

Travis and Gregory McMichael’s attorneys have filed a motion stating that prosecutors are prohibited from referring to Arbery as a victim in front of the jury. Their argument states that calling the young man a victim leads to a “conclusion that can’t be reached before a verdict.” The defense is arguing that a crime has not been committed and that they shot Arbery in self-defense and additionally claimed that calling him a victim will cause the jury to be prejudice against them.

They believe by using neutral language as per TMZ, gives them a fair shot during the trial. Another request also asked that one “in life” photo of Arbery should be displayed during court and no family members should appear in the photos. Plus, they want no family members to identify him in court and want a third party to do the job if it is required.

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