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The Nerve! The 3 White Men Who Killed Ahmaud Arbery Appealing Convictions

Ahmaud Arbery defendants found guilty of federal hate crime charges

*(CNN) — The three White men who killed Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black jogger, are appealing their federal hate crime convictions, with two of the three arguing the government did not prove they chased the young man because of his race. The men’s attorneys, who filed the appeals earlier this month, all asked for an […]

Ex-Memphis Cop (Demetrius Haley) Had Liar, Bully History | WATCH

Demetrius Haley Mugshot

*The ex-Memphis cops charged with the kidnapping and murder of Tyre Nichols pleaded not guilty during their recent joint arraignment. Now defense attorneys are trying to taint the jury pool, even before the trial starts. The defense has an uphill battle, especially when it comes to Demetrius Haley. He has a history of using unjustified […]

Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother Slams Kayne Over His ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirts

Ahmaud Arbery Mother slams Kanye

*The mother of Ahmaud Arbery has criticized Kanye West’s widely-condemned “White Lives Matter” shirts, which he wore during his YZY SZN 9 presentation in Paris on Monday.  The next day the hip-hop star called Black Lives Matter a “scam.” Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, noted that she is extremely disappointed with Ye’s antics.  “As a result […]

The New Black Panther Party: The Journal of Steffanie Rivers | WATCHinterview

Minister Mikhail Muhammad - screenshot

*With so many social issues that negatively affect the Black community it can be hard to agree on the best strategy to address them. Some people subscribe to a non-confrontational, subtle strategy. But that’s NOT the New Black Panther Party‘s way of getting things done. For them, it’s about speaking up and speaking out! Members […]

VIDEO: All 3 Defendants Found Guilty of Hate Crimes in Ahmaud Arbery Killing

This photo combo shows, from left, Travis McMichael, William "Roddie" Bryan, and Gregory McMichael during their trial at at the Glynn County Courthouse in Brunswick, Ga. Jurors on Wednesday convicted the three white men charged in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, the Black man who was chased and fatally shot while running through their neighborhood in an attack that became part of the larger national reckoning on racial injustice.

*Atlanta’s 11Alive is streaming live from Brunswick, Georgia where a federal court announced at 10:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Feb. 22 guilty verdicts for all three hate crime defendants in the trial of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Watch above, courtesy of 11Alive. The trial sought to determine if father and son, Gregory and Travis […]

What to Do When Justice is Denied: The Journal of Steffanie Rivers | VIDEO

Kim Potter - Daunte Wright

*The 16-month sentence handed down to former Brooklyn Center, MN. cop Kim Potter for the manslaughter of Daunte Wright is another slap in the collective face to Black people in America!  When Potter shot and killed Wright during a routine traffic stop, she claimed she only intended to tase him. Her tears at the scene […]

I Am Not My Hair: The Journal of Steffanie Rivers | WATCH

Black Hair Care - Unsplash

*For the past two years I’ve shaved my hair and I’ve worn my bald head in public. I’ve gotten compliments from men and women who tell me it’s a look that not just anybody can pull off. So I’m glad it’s worked out in my favor. Although most people applaud my decision to have the […]

What to do When the District Attorney is Corrupt: The Journal of Steffanie Rivers

*Despite all the evidence, including the video of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder and convicted murderer Travis McMicheal’s own words on the witness stand and statements to cops at the scene the day of Arbery’s murder, there still are people who believe the prosecution of the McMicheals and Roddy Bryant was based solely on public pressure.  While […]

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Will Arbery be Different? | VIDEO

ahmaud arbery - the mcmichaels

*“I saw the tape and it’s very, very disturbing,” he said. “I looked at a picture of that young man, he was in a tuxedo, and I will say that it looks like a really good young guy,” That was former president Trump talking to “Fox & Friends” moments after the tape were released of […]

Jurors Hear About Ahmaud Arbery’s ‘Dirty Toenails’ in Closing Arguments [WATCH]

Ahmaud Arbery

*A defense attorney in the trial of the men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery has sparked outrage after making mention of the victim’s dirty toenails in closing arguments on Monday.  Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan face nine charges, which include malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment. Lawyers for the […]