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Vivica A. Fox Kicks Off 2021 with 5 New ‘Wrong’ Movies for LMN [EUR Exclusive]


*Lifetime Movie Network is kicking off the new year with thirteen new thrillers including five additional Wrong movies produced by Hybrid and executive produced by and starring Vivica A. Fox.

According to the press release, the three-month long stunt begins January 1 with “The Wrong Real Estate Agent,” in which Fox portrays a single mother, who, along with her teenage daughter Maddie (Alaya Lee Walton, The Wrong Stepfather), rent a beautiful house on several acres of land from Charles (Andres Londono, Narcos: Mexico), a realtor they know well and who lives nearby. However, after they move in, strange noises and occurrences lead them to suspect someone else may be living on their property. Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules also stars.

We caught up with the veteran actress to dish about the franchise series and what fans can expect from the all new titles which kick off TONIGHT. Check out our Q&A below. 

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Talk about what it means to you to continue to be a part of Lifetime’s long running Wrong franchise series.

Well, I am so blessed that Lifetime has turned me into a filmmaker. Lifetime, to be very honest with you, with the network that worked to give me my own series that I started in called Missing. Then from there, we made it rain with folks with the books, Black Magic, and now we’ve got the So Wrong it’s Right Franchise. And this past weekend we just made our 26th film. Top of the year we are going to be kicking it up, kicking it out, kicking it off with every Friday, a new Wrong movie that I produced and starred in, starting with The Wrong Real Estate Agent.

Is there anything particularly challenging for you when it comes to transitioning between producer and performer?

Not at all. I love wearing both hats to be very honest with you. I love being in control of the products that I present to my audience. Now the Wrong franchise, we’re our 26 film, and it’s binge-worthy material that (people) can just sit around, especially during the cold weather and just watch all the films. Catch up on some that they didn’t see and I also give young actors and myself, an opportunity to play roles that they wouldn’t normally get cast in playing. Because we have a wonderful ensemble of actors that we use in different characters in all the films.

For our readers who are not familiar with this franchise, do you play different characters in each film?

I sure do. I’ve gone from being a wife, to a nosy neighbor, to a matchmaker, to a chef, to a head cheerleader coach, to the principal. So I get to play all kinds of fun roles and it’s also great because I always get to have different hair and everything. And I’m so heavily involved with casting, script, location, wardrobe, everything. So I’m very hands-on.

You’ve done everything with this franchise but direct. 

Don’t you be giving me another job, girlfriend, don’t do it. Don’t do it.

But is TV directing something you want to explore? 

I would love to direct, but I think that might be something that I have to shadow because I love what I do. I love starring and producing, but do I want to direct in the future? Yes. So probably, give me a couple of years to get a couple of more Wrongs out and then I’ll step behind the camera and give myself a limited role so that I can then say, directed by, produced by.  I will see directing in my future. Absolutely.

Is it challenging at all for you to give an authentic voice to each of these female characters so that they truly stand out from the one that audiences saw before?

Yes, absolutely. I would hope by now I’ve been acting for three decades, that I know how to, as an actress play different characters and let them all be different. That was something that I chose early in my career. I found out that versatility is the key to longevity. Don’t let someone pigeonhole you and get stuck playing one character, one same character over and over again. First of all, that’s boring and you don’t, as an actor, you don’t get to grow. That’s the beauty of acting that you can escape into different characters.

How much of Vivica’s own personality do you inject into the women you portray for this franchise series?

I would say a dash should do it. You know what I mean? I put a little dash in there a little way of Darlene, every once in a while, or a facial expression. I always try to make sure that the character, even if she is wrong is likable.

You have five new Wrong titles coming up. Starting January 1st, we’re kicking off with The Wrong Real Estate Agent. You’re playing a character named Julie. Tell us a little about her and some of the obstacles she has to overcome. 

I love that we’re kicking it off with The Wrong Real Estate Agent. Out of all of them that we’ve done, it was really intense. And I love it that it’s going to start off with such an amazing thriller with myself, Andreas Londono, Dorian Gregory. Like I said, I play the character Julie, who is a mom and her young teenage daughter moved to a new area and she works for a real estate company. And one of the real estate agents just becomes obsessed with Ms. Julie. And that is played by Andreas. And it was really fun to play a mom and then to kind of have a little fatal attraction mood thing in there. And then there’s always messages that we make sure with each film that we try to parlay into the script. Like don’t trust so many, be careful. Especially for women, we have a tendency to trust a little bit too soon, but take the time to get to know someone. Don’t give out your information. There’s always a subtle message that is in all of our films.

The social message that is embedded in the fabric of these stories, do they serve as a cautionary tale for women?

Absolutely. Yes, because like I said, our audience, Lifetime audience, especially for our sisters is the majority of our audience. So we always make sure that we try to inform and entertain them.

So of the five new Wrong films, is there one you’re most excited about your fans experiencing?

Yes. Oh my goodness. Well, as I said, the first one we’re kicking it off with is the strongest one to me, The Wrong Real Estate Agent. But then The Wrong Prince Charming, I love that we’re going to go a little bit international on it. And I love that it’s just like back in the day when they had the Harlequin books that they would go and escape. We now have that with the “Wrong” franchise. It’s beautiful escapism with excellent actors and produced very well. And we have excellent locations. So for me out of the five that are dropping The Wrong Real Estate Agent is really good and The Wrong Prince Charming. Those are my top two.

The third film that will debut on January 15 is The Wrong Mr. Wright. Has Vivica had any dealings with the wrong Mr. Wright in her personal life?

Of course you know I have, girl, but we’re not going to bring Curtis up until this interview today. So yes I’ve had the wrong Mr. Right (laughs). 

Tune-in to “The Wrong Real Estate Agent” Friday, January 1 at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime Movie Network.

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