Thursday, April 22, 2021

Steffanie Rivers: Ready to Love Review, Ep. 8: Busy Bees / WATCH

*After last week’s dramatic ending with Nyya, the narcissist getting kicked off the resort and walking into the sunset, Uncle Tommy tried to put the love back in Ready to Love by hosting a Texas-style barbecue so everyone could regroup and refocus. Instead of just one person being sent home this week, Tommy threw a little salt in the scenario and told cast members two of them would be sent home: One lady and one man.

That caused everybody to become busy bees and start pollinating and planting seeds all over the place, trying to ensure they had at least two people to claim them as top draft picks so they could remain in the game! 

Adriana, aka Pop Tart, has been vacillating between Rashid and Khalfani since day one. Pop tart and Rashid went on a date to solidify their feelings for each other. Still, Pop-Tart can’t seem to get enough of Khalfani. And that grates on Denise’s nerves, who promised to stop acting so possessive and controlling over Khalfani, who is her top draft pick. Denise wants Khalfani to know she won’t sit still while he plays games with Pop-Tart. Anthony is Denise’s back-up draft pick.

Anthony likes Denise, but he knows Wynter likes him so he spent time with her. Wynter likes to watch Anthony walk around shirtless, but she likes Jay even if he’s fully dressed. Jay prefers Joy who also spent time with Edwin this week. Edwin, a former military man and law enforcement officer, feels comfortable sharing his PTSD issues with Joy, but not with Symone. He thinks Symone is disingenuous.  To find out who got caught in their lies and who got sent home this week, view my video.

Steffanie Rivers (screenshot1)
Steffanie Rivers

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