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ABC’s Fall Shows Are Bringing the DRAMA Back to Network TV! / WATCH

*It’s the return of fall dramas and ABC is bringing the heat and the drama back to network TV, with the premieres of “Station 19” crossing over with “Grey’s Anatomy” and the return of the friendship drama, “A Million Little Things!”

Starting off with “Grey’s Anatomy” which returned on Thursday evening (11-12-20) with an explosive three hour crossover premiere that put first responders and essential workers in the limelight, battling the COVID-19 pandemic and ending in the most jaw dropping, unexpected, show stopping moment (*SPOILER ALERT) we’ve seen in a while!

The premiere saw the  return of McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey, aka, Derek in what seems to be a dream sequence…but maybe not.  You’ll have to watch to find out!

EURweb sat down with two of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy, Kelly McCreary (“Maggie”) and Anthony Hill (“Winston”) to talk about what to expect with this new season.

“We don’t know anything about Dr. Winston”, Hill said, so expect the unexpected from him! The season will be explosive! That is all we know for sure!

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EURweb also sat down with the stars of Station 19, Jaina Lee Ortiz, “Andy” and Boris Kodjoe “Robert” and discussed the return of their show.

Jaina Lee Ortiz said that we can expect “DTJ…drama, trauma and joy” this season, as Andy and Robert try to work on their new marriage while both living in separate crisis.

Andy’s mom is alive, Robert is addicted to drugs, their boss was recently arrested and they are still all first responders, out there saving lives! So, what can viewers expect?

Well, expect that you will continue to see the Station 19 world collide with the Grey’s Anatomy world  and it’s going to be like no other seasons before it.

Rounding out the ABC drama, is “A Million Little Things.”  The show about friendship, surviving the loss of someone you care about and how you pick up the pieces and try to carry on.

EURweb sat down with Romany Malco and discussed the importance of having good friends around you.

“A Million Little Things is about a group of friends that are trying to do better, while mourning the loss of the ring leader of their group,” Malco said.

This season we can expect to find out more about the mysterious red vehicle that ran over Eddie, who was left to die in the street and how Rome and Regina, who were anticipating adopting a baby, have to deal with the surrogate mother reneging and deciding to keep her baby.  The season promises a lot of twists and turns, so buckle up!  It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Station 19” premiered Thursday November 12, 2020 on ABC . “A Million Little Things” premieres Thursday November 19, 2020 at 10/9c on ABC.




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