Saturday, July 2, 2022

Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden is Fly on Mike Pence’s Head During SNL Cold Open [WATCH]

*Jim Carrey returned for the second episode of the new “SNL” season, this time appearing as the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s hair during the Vice Presidential debate on Wednesday.

Maya Rudolph also showed up to play Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris opposite Beck Bennett as Pence, and Kate McKinnon as moderator Susan Page.

Carrey made his debut as Joe Biden for last week’s SNL season premiere episode, alongside Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. This week, the comedian hilariously channelled Jeff Goldblum’s character in David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of “The Fly.”

In the sketch, Carrey’s Biden is sitting in the living room with Heidi Gardener as Jill Biden and they’re watching the vice-presidential debate between Pence and Harris. Biden is concerned about how the debate is going and decides to intervene by using an experimental teleportation device — which is a replica of the one from “The Fly.”  In the movie, Goldblum’s character doesn’t realize there’s a fly in the machine with him while testing the device, so just like in the film, Carrey’s Biden’s teleportation trip is botched when his DNA is blended with a fly. He still lands on Pence’s head in the skit. 

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“Mr. Vice. President, do you not feel that at all?” asked Page.

“I’ll tell you what I feel, Susan. I feel for the businesses that are going to be crippled by Joe Biden’s tax cuts,” Pence replied.

“Yes, yes, your economy is so in the toilet, I want to lay my eggs on it. What what?” said Carrey’s Biden. He then transformed into Goldblum in “The Fly.”

“God created dinosaurs. Dinosaurs became Republicans. Republicans created Trump. Trump destroys God,” Carrey’s Biden said, mocking Goldblum’s classic line from “Jurassic Park.”

At the end, Keenan Thompson appears as Herman Cain and warns Americans not to trust the “white devil about that Rona.”

“These fools Trump and Pence killed me, man,” Thompson’s Cain said. “They invited me to a rally with no masks. They said ‘everything is fine, Herman.’ I catch corona, Trump tells me, ‘Everything is fine, Herman.’ The White House doctors, they check me out, and they, ‘Everything’s fine, Herman.’ Three days later I’m gone! If you watching this at home, don’t trust this white devil about that Rona.”

Scroll up and watch the full skit via the YouTube video above.

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