Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Cedric The Entertainer Explains How He Got His Name on Jalen Rose’s Podcast / LISTEN

Jalen Rose - Cedric The Entertainer (Getty)
Jalen Rose – Cedric The Entertainer (Getty)

*This week on the “Jalen Rose Renaissance Man” podcast, the former NBAer and current sports analyst for ESPN/ABC, interviewed his old friend Cedric the Entertainer.

For the podcast, Rose chatted with Cedric while he was on the golf course with Joe Pesci, and we talked about how he got the nickname “The Entertainer.”

It happened early in his career during a performance at a St. Louis comedy club where the MC referred to everyone as a comedian.

“But I sang when I got onstage, I did poems. I would do anything to fill up my time,” Cedric told me. “I said, ‘Don’t call me a comedian, call me an entertainer.’ [The MC] called me Cedric the Entertainer. I had a killer show and got a standing ovation. When I came off, he called me Cedric the Entertainer again, and I just kept it.”

Ceddy Ced also shared memories about Bernie Mac’s nonsensical catchphrases, and talked about his drinking buddy DL Hughley being the Keith Richards to his Mick Jagger. And since Ced, like Steve Harvey, is known for his old-school style, like hats and loud suits, they talked about why he would never perform in jeans and T-shirt like comedians do now.

Currently, Cedric is doing “The Neighborhood” on CBS and helping younger talent get their breaks in the industry. Rose says Ced is a natural mentor, a loyal friend, and it’s a bit surreal to think of where they’ve gone in life since meeting at the Comedy Store in LA in the ’90s.

Check out the Jalen Rose ‘Renaissance Man’ podcast:




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