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Exclusive: ‘Second Born Royals’ Chat and Chadwick

niles isabella
(L-R) Isabella Blake-Thomas, Faly Rakotohavana, and Niles Fitch in “Secret Society of Second Born Royals.

*Niles Fitch and Isabella Blake-Thomas (“Once Upon A Time”) star in the  “Secret Society of Second Born Royals.”

Best known as the younger Randall on “This Is Us,” Niles is carving out quite an impressive career, starting with the notable “Secret Society of Second Born Royals” as Disney’s first Black prince. In an exclusive interview with EUR, he talks about his new role and Chadwick Boseman. Co-star  Isabella reveals what it’s like playing a Royal.

Tell us how ‘Secret Society of Second Born Royals’ school differs from other academies, e.g. Xavier’s?

NILES FITCH: I’d say the difference between ours and the others that you’ve seen, and the one you just mentioned, Xavier X-Men Academy, is ours has the royalty aspect. No other films have superheroes that are also royalty. These students have to balance both being teenagers and royal.

ISABELLA BLAKE THOMAS: My character January comes in as an outsider. She is home-schooled and calls it a ‘Palace school.’ And  like Niles said, the school is special because it’s got this royal  teams having to balance many different parts of their lives.

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niles 1
Niles Fitch and Isabella Blake-Thomas talking to EUR in an exclusive interview.

We’re living in trying times. How would you use your powers to help ease tensions?

NF:   I would seek world peace, and make the playing field equal. I can control people, so that’s what I’d do.

IBT: Like Niles is saying, I would start with making people treat everyone with  dignity and respect.

What was your initial reaction when you first saw the script?

IBT: I was like,  Whoa! for lack of a better word. I read it and was just in shock because of  all of the characters’ incredible journeys. Disney created something that is so new and not seen before, but yet still so familiar. It’s very special

NF:   My first reaction was, ‘Wow!’ I thought it was really unique, and there’s not a film I can compare this to. Growing up we didn’t have these kinds of images. That’s why Chadwick (Boseman) made such an impression on me. Seeing him as Black Panther left an indelible mark.

Veteran, syndicated Entertainment journalist Marie Moore reports on mainstream media and the Black diaspora.    Twitter: @thefilmstrip


Marie Moore
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