Friday, August 12, 2022

Bishop Michael Curry Heard Voices of ‘Slaves’ at Harry and Meghan’s Wedding

*The bishop who delivered a sermon at the 2018 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle says he heard the voices of slaves during the ceremony. 

“After I preached the sermon, I just remember it was like I could feel slaves around the place,” Bishop Michael Curry, 67, tells PEOPLE. “I don’t mean to be spooky, but it was like their voice was somehow heard that day. I included one of their songs, ‘There is a Balm in Gilead.’

“It was like their voice, one of their songs, one of their descendants was there that day. The Queen was most gracious,” he continues. “The fact that all happened, for me, it’s a sign of hope. It’s a sign of hope that one who descends from people who were captured in the slave trade, probably the British slave trade, is brought from the shores of West Africa, to the shores of America. That one of their descendants was in the presence of the Queen of England, and he quoted one of their songs. That’s hope that we don’t have to be the way we’ve always been.”

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Curry, a descendant of enslaved people, goes on to describe the love between Harry and Meghan.

“What stood out for me was, these are two people who really do love each other,” he says. “It brought together two nations, Britain and the U.S. But it brought together people from around the world. I realized that the love of two people for each other brought together, at least for a moment, a world of differences. And I think that is a parable of what real love can do.”

The head of the Episcopal Church preached love when he presided over the couple’s marriage and he continues with that message in his new book, titled “Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times.”

“My dream for America is that we will live out the true potential of the ideals of this country. We haven’t lived up to those ideals,” Bishop Curry says. “My dream for America is that we will live out the ideals of human equality, of brother and sisterhood, of e pluribus unum, from many different and diverse people, one people.”

Bishop Curry says of Meghan’s activism, “We need people to lift up other people. There’s enough negativity and enough putting people down, there’s enough hurt. We don’t need any more hurt.”

Adding, “We need help. We need healing. She does that. She’s lifting up women and we need somebody to lift up women, lift up people. Lift up people of all colors. The truth is, a rising tide raises all ships.”

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