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*DALLAS, TX –– On the eve of National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, BLK announces its commitment to safe, trusted and accessible elections by engaging its community to recruit poll workers for the upcoming Presidential election, in partnership with the Civic Alliance, a nonpartisan business coalition co-founded by the CAA Foundation and Democracy Works.

As part of a national movement to recruit 250,000 new poll workers, BLK will encourage its employees and consumers to sign up to serve through Power the Polls. These actions are part of BLK’s broader commitment to civic engagement, uniting Black singles while highlighting civic duty and responsibility. Underscoring the importance of the Black community taking action in this critical election, the initiative allows users to connect in fun and innovative ways, while supporting a culturally responsible call-to-action to amplify Black voter turnout.

“The majority of BLK users are under the age of 35 and live in predominantly Black communities. These are the same communities that felt the brunt of the cutbacks in polling locations earlier this year during the primaries,” stated Jonathan Kirkland, Head of BLK, a dating app from the Match Group. “For this reason, we understand that it’s our responsibility to make sure our voices are heard and are excited to be partnering with the Civic Alliance this upcoming election to use our platform to empower our millions of users to come together and take action to protect voting access.”

Power the Polls

Across the country, in a year when the election has the potential to attract an historic turnout, officials are sounding the alarm about poll worker shortages and shuttered polling places, which have disproportionately affected the Black community. BLK wants to ensure that the Black community’s vote is not disenfranchised, as it’s historically been in the past and as experts have said could occur in November. In the U.S. Election experts have suggested that thousands of new locations will be needed this year and hundreds of thousands of new poll workers may be required to keep polling places open.

Some of this is directly related to COVID-19, which requires reduced capacity at existing polling places due to social distancing and also means that states must find ways to address the new PPE needs for workers and voters. Additionally, because of heightened health risk, many recent poll workers—half of whom are over age 60—will opt out of serving this year.

BLK is a proud member of the Civic Alliance, a nonpartisan business coalition that strengthens our democracy by inspiring every American to participate in shaping our country’s future.

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About BLK

BLK was introduced in August 2017 and is currently the #1 dating and lifestyle app for Black singles. With a goal of helping users find love at its core, BLK has built a community and space where Black love in all its forms and expressions can happen every day. BLK’s mission is simple: bring Black people together to spark meaningful connections.

About the Civic Alliance

The Civic Alliance is a nonpartisan business coalition that strengthens our democracy by supporting safe, healthy and trusted elections and inspiring every American to participate in shaping our country’s future. Founded by the CAA Foundation and Democracy Works, the Civic Alliance cultivates a community of companies united by a shared belief that an active democracy is good for business and an engaged business community is good for democracy. With its valuable tools, resources, events and partnership opportunities, the Civic Alliance helps companies engage employees and consumers as active participants in civic life. Join us at






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