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The Pulse of Entertainment: Anthony M. Hobbs Host ILICFF via Zoom, Audience from US, Spain and Japan





*I attended the 4th annual “Imagination Lunchbox International Children’s Film Festival,” founded by multi-award winning Baltimore prodigy actor (PBS, DreamWorks) and filmmaker (One Nation, Naga Pixie) Anthony Michael Hobbs, presented by the Eubie Blake Center via Zoom video conferencing. The international children’s film festival via Zoom attracted attendees from as far as Spain and Japan.

The idea started in 2016 at the Arbutus Fire House Community Center in Baltimore by Hobbs after screening a short film, Agent Hollywood, which his company, Imagination Lunchbox, LLC, produced for his coach. The next year in 2017 he decided to launch his own film festival that screens primarily short films made by kids like him. That year the “Imagination Lunchbox International Children’s Film Fest” was launched at the Arbutus Fire House Community Center as a red carpeted event for kids screening and awarding shorts made by youth and for kids from around the world. In 2018 “ILICFF” was held at the Parkway Theatre in Baltimore and it was held twice in 2019 at the Shake & Bake Family Fun Center and the Eubie Blake Center in Baltimore. Hosted by Founder Hobbs and radio personality Doresa Harvey (Magic 95.9FM), “ILICFF” is sponsored in part by Imagination Lunchbox, LLC, the Eubie Blake Center, “Uplifting Minds II” and The Baltimore Times Foundation, Times Community Services.

I attended all of the events throughout the years, not only because Anthony Hobbs is a client of mine via my business/public relations consult company Freelance Associates, but he is my grandson. Not because I am his grandmother, however, but I think holding “ILICFF” via Zoom was an exceptional idea because it allowed the audience to be internationally represented. The event was forced online because of the U.S. health pandemic, but it seems it was a blessing in-disguise for this event allowing the filmmakers from other countries whose shorts were screened to attend.


The 4th annual ‘Imagination Lunchbox International Children’s Film Festival’ via Zoom.

The “ILICFF” event opened with a welcome from Eubie Blake Center director Derek Price and then went on to screen 21 films made by kids and for kids. Four awards – “Best Film Made By Kids,” “Best Film Made For Kids,” “Most Uplifting Film,” and “Festival Choice” – were presented at the end of the program. The short films screened came from the U.S., Hungary, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, India, Germany, and Australia. The winners included two from the U.S., one from India and one from Japan.

In between the screening of the shorts made by kids and for kids a trivia contest was held and the winner Anne-Sophie from the U.S. received a gift of branded merchandise (hoodie, tank top, soaks, coffee mug) from 15 year-old “ILICFF” founder Anthony Michael Hobbs’ company Imagination Lunchbox, LLC. The short film winners included Director Abner Sharma (India), “Best Film Made By Kids,” for the dramatic short “Don’t Kill for Fun” that has a message about killing animals for sport; Director Nicola Rose (United States), “Best Film Made For Kids,” for the emotional short “Gabrielle” about a teen rejected by her dance teacher because of her weight; Director Ellis Clark (United States), “Film Fest Most Uplifting,” sponsored by the ‘Uplifting Minds II” entertainment conference, for the philosophical short “The Truth of Beauty” which explains that beauty is not any one type of look, and Director Satoshi Takahashi (Japan), “Film Festival Choice,” for the funny short “The Peak,” about what goes through the mind of a child when they have to use the bathroom very badly. The audience, by using the “raise hand” feature on Zoom, voted on the first two awards, “ILICFF” founder Hobbs selected the festival choice award and I, Eunice Moseley, founder of the “Uplifting Minds II” entertainment conference selected the most uplifting award.

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Eunice Moseley, MS, MBA, MPhil has an estimated weekly readership of over ¼ million with The Pulse of Entertainment. She is also a Public Relations Strategist and Business Management Consultant at Freelance Associates, and is Promotions Director (at-large) for The Baltimore Times. EVENTS: “Uplifting Minds II” Entertainment Conference (ULMII), founded by Eunice in 1999, is into its 21st year. Next events are coming to Los Angeles Saturday, November 7, 2020 via Zoom Video Conferencing and to Baltimore Saturday April 17, 2021 at Security Square Mall. The ULMII event is a free conference offering an Entertainment Business Panel Q&A Session, a Talent Showcase and Talent Competition (vocal, songwriting, dance and acting) where aspiring artists have a chance to receive over $15,000 valued in prizes/product/services.  Log onto for more information or to RSVP for Zoom Access email [email protected]

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Kim Coles to Host Cheron K. Griffin’s Long Awaited Book ‘134 Reason You Can’t Find a Man’



Cheron K Griffin - Kim Coles

Cheron K Griffin - Kim Coles

*Houston – Sensational and inspirational author Cheron K. Griffin is scheduled to  release another masterpiece titled “134 Reason You Can’t Find a Man” on Friday, November 27, 2020 from 7-9pm CST.  The Virtual Book Launch will be hosted by Actress and Comedian Kim Coles via Facebook Live ( This is a book that will keep you at the edge of your seat and one you definitely do not want to miss. History will surely be made right here with learning and laughter.

Cheron K. Griffin has taken book and journal lovers to some unfathomably deep and extraordinary places, raising her writing skill’s reputation as one of the most explorative and experimental imprints in the novel world with every release. A multi-tendrilled hive mind that has potential to take book lovers even deeper into the unknown, Cheron K. Griffin makes her statement clear across this breathtaking new release.

The most impressive element of this book is its flow and evolution across its pages with every page giving one reason. The quality of the writing is extremely noticeable too, with every page sounding professional, both in vision and style. Through her signature style, Cheron K. Griffin has truly mastered her art, and is giving a new direction to the literary world with limited words.

MORE NEWS: NBC Relaunches ‘Saved By The Bell’ on Peacock TV

Cheron K Griffin - Kim Coles

“134 Reason You Can’t Find a Man” will show you the raw truth that among today’s growing single population, 63 percent have never been married, 23 percent are divorced, and 13 percent are widowed. There are 56.8 million unmarried women in the U.S. They account for 26 percent of the overall population. Worldwide, 4.3 percent of women get to their late forties without ever marrying. Gallup finds that about one in eight women aged 18 to 60 worldwide — 13% — are unmarried and have children younger than 15 in their household. However, this figure is sharply higher in a few regions, especially sub-Saharan Africa at 32% and Latin America at 24%.

Book lovers will literally get chills every time they read “134 Reason You Can’t Find a Man.” This is the type of book that sucks you right in and refuses to let you go. The delivery, the 134 reasons, and everything about “134 Reason You Can’t Find a Man” makes it a must-read!

About the author
Cheron K. Griffin is a Celebrity Life Coach serving Industry Leaders and Athletes in Personal Development and beyond.  Her passion is guiding people to live their authentic lives while living on purpose especially regarding dating and relationships.  Griffin is the author of five books and a motivational speaker that transforms individuals and empowers people to dream big and aim high.  Griffin leads a spirit lead life and lives unapologetically offering no apologies.  She lives in her freedom and is a voice to those who are afraid to talk.  Griffin is the CEO of Grow A Girl Network, Inc (  and the creator of the I See You Suicide Prevention Campaign turned Movement (

To learn more about Cheron, visit her website at  Check out her YouTube Page “Cheron’s World.”

For more information, please visit:

Contact Cheron K. Griffin: [email protected]
Website URL:




ESP Public Relations
[email protected]


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‘Life After Lockup’ Exclusive Clip: Lamar Reunites with Daughter Shante [WATCH]



lamar and daughter -  Life After Lockup

*WE tv’s “Life After Lockup” returns this week with an all new epsiode that finds Lamar reuntiing with his daughter Shante reconnect.

“Growing up without my dad was really hard for me,” says Shante in the clip. “I only had one little picture to show me what my dad looks like. I missed out on a lot. I didn’t know who I was.”

Will old feelings come up when father and daughter reconnect or can they move forward?

Check out their emotional moment via our exclusive clip above.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Lindsey hatches a plan. Shawn’s M.I.A. fiancée might be pregnant. Lamar’s secret meeting puts his relationship in jeopardy. Tennison storms off and Andrea loses it.  Michael risks all with a sexy date, and Shavel’s family pressures her to cut off Quaylon. 

Meanwhile, this season on “Life After Lockup,” the couples will face plenty of firsts in their new lives together – from new marriages to divorce, new homes to new children, all while living under the challenges of their parole. Possible restrictions abound: early curfews, random check-ins, drug tests, travel prohibitions, consorting with ex-cons combined with the temptations of alcohol and drugs, the stakes have never been higher. Will they stay together and stay out of prison? 

Catch “Life After Lockup” Fridays at 9/8c.

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‘I Don’t Need Practice Shots. Against You?’ Colbert Challenges Obama to a Game of ‘Wastepaper Basketball’ (Watch)




Stephen Challenges President Barack Obama To A Game Of “Wastepaper Basketball” – The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Nov 24, 2020)

*President Barack Obama was in full “That’s what I do”-style trash talk mode when Stephen Colbert challenged him to a game of “wastepaper basketball” during his appearance Wednesday on “The Late Show.”

Colbert waited until Part 3 of the interview to ask #44 if he wanted to play, then had the nerve to ask Obama if he needed to warm up with some practice shots.

“I Don’t Need Practice Shots. Against You?,” Obama responded. When Colbert suggested they wager on the outcome, with Obama having to mention the host in his next book if he loses, Obama asked, “Well what if I win?”

“What do you want?” Colbert asked.

Obama shrugged off the whole prospect, saying, “Nobody’s gonna read your book anyway.” He then added, “It doesn’t matter, I’m not gonna lose.”

Colbert said he would donate to Obama’s library if he loses. And with that, the game commenced.

Obama was “crushed” by Colbert, 8 to zero.

“That’s what I do!” Colbert yelled mid-thrashing.

Watch below:

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