Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Shocking Footage Show Massive Line of Police Force to Shutdown Child’s Birthday Party in LA [VIDEO]

*The LAPD was forced to shut down the birthday party of a one-year-old, saying the raid was “justified” because of the city’s social distancing ordinance.

Footage from the incident taken in the Hyde Park area shows a group of around 40 individuals refusing to comply with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s shutdown of the city, Daily Mail reports. 

Social media users have been rocked by the shocking images showing a line of police officers called to disperse the party-goers (see pics and video below).

One Twitter user noted, “Why would a one-year-old need a birthday party during pandemic and quarantine?”

Do you agree?

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Another Twitter user wrote, “I’ll take a pass on this one. If they are breaking the law, they are breaking the law. Further, I cant believe they are that brazen to put the child’s life in danger with a virus & cops.”

A third commenter added, “Maybe they shouldn’t have had the party given the present circumstances, but this type of police response only happens to Black people… wypipo have been on the news talking about how they’re still going to restaurants & going to their favorite bars.”

And this critic said, “Rules are rules, especially where a pandemic is concerned. What gives these parents the right to endanger lives? Are they above the law? Or shortsighted and perhaps a little stupid?”

California has more than 6,300 cases and 132 deaths of reported cases, according to the latest COVID-19 update Johns Hopkins University.

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti has made clear that he will shut off the water and power of all non-essential local businesses who are not complying with quarantine orders. He has also authorized the police to arrest citizens who continue to resist.

Ny MaGee
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