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Mentally Ill Man Who Hurled Boy Off Balcony at Mall of America Intended to Kill Adult

Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda

*Somali immigrant Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda has been charged with attempted homicide after he reportedly hurled a 5-year-old boy over a third-floor balcony at Minnesota’s Mall of America on April 12.

According to published reports, Aranda has a history of mental illness and had several run-ins with mall security in the past.

The child, identified only as Landen, was at the mall with his mother and another child when Emmanuel picked him up and threw him over a 3rd floor railing. He plunged nearly 40 feet to the marble floor below. Landen is currently in critical condition but is expected to survive. Police said he suffered life-threatening injuries.

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Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda

Aranda immediately took off running after committing the heinous act but officers caught up to him at the mall’s transit station. He reportedly told investigators that he initially intended to kill an adult, but it did not “work out,” so he picked the boy instead, according to Reuters.

“Aranda acknowledged repeatedly in his interview that he had planned and intended to kill someone at the mall that day and that he was aware that what he was doing was wrong,” prosecutors said in a complaint filed with Hennepin County District Court.

Aranda claims that years of coming to the mall to try pick up women only to be rejected “caused him to lash out and be aggressive,” according to the complaint.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been launched to help the family cover medical costs for the child, who will reportedly require life-long rehabilitation. The campaign has already exceeded its $500,000 goal in less than 24 hours.

Noah Hanneman, who started the campaign, says his wife is the child’s mother’s best friend.

He also noted that donations will help cover the numerous surgeries the child is expected to undergo.

If you are interested in donating to the GoFundMe page, click here.


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