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If You Do A Stupid ‘Bird Box’ Challenge: DON’T Drive Blindfolded!

*The Bird Box challenge has become increasingly popular on platforms like YouTube and Instagram since the release of the Netflix thriller. The streaming giant claims that over 45 million people saw the film in its first week.

“Bird Box” stars Sandra Bullock as a single mother of two who leads her family on a blindfolded dangerous journey to safety from ominous beings. The film inspired a bunch of memes of folks doing ridiculous and somewhat dangerous stunts for laughs in what has become the Bird Box Challenge.


One early video, recirculated on a few meme accounts, shows a dad accidentally walking his toddler into a wall while trying to recreate one of the movie’s blindfolded scenes. Another mildly viral early adopter shows a group walking down a Brooklyn street. The video is staged to make it appear as if one participant bolts from the group and falls down the stairs of a subway station.

YouTuber Morgan Adams got more than 2 million views for a “24 hour ‘Bird Box’ challenge” video, in which she and a friend attempt to do a bunch of things (order Popeye’s, go to a casino and gamble) while blindfolded. The pair have un-blindfolded chaperones for the entire challenge, who appear to guide and drive them around.

One enterprising, young memer on Instagram combined the “Bird Box” challenge with the also dangerous KiKi challenge in which, you’re supposed to dance alongside a moving car.

The challenges prompted a warning from Netflix to pump the breaks and not take the joke too far… see post below.

Watch the compilation clip below of the Bird Box Challenge.

And the Colorado State Patrol posted its own warning for fools attempting the Bird Box Challenge. Watch below:

In related news, viewers never actually “saw” the monsters that terrorized Sandra Bullock in the film. So on Saturday, special effects artist Andy Bergholtz shared some photos on Instagram of what those monsters were supposed to look like but ultimately were cut from the film, per TheWrap. Check it out below.


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*Some spoilers ahead for BIRD BOX, continue reading at your own risk!* We had the unique pleasure of designing a creepy makeup for the film, although the scene ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor. Keep in mind, the fatal “vision” that each character saw would most likely be different for each person (you’ll understand if you’ve seen the film), and this makeup appeared in a cut “dream/nightmare sequence” with Sandra Bullock’s character. Considering her pregnant state and emotional arc thru the movie, the producers felt Sandra’s nightmare would have something to do with a twisted, demonic baby creature attacking her (that’s as much as I could gather about the context of the scene anyway). I sculpted at least 3 or 4 variations on the design before it was approved, which began as a more aggressive, monstery look and was revised to be a bit more subtle in the end. I also had the pleasure of painting the finished prosthetics before sending them to set, to be worn and performed by the one and only Dirk Rogers @thehalloweendirk, applied by the great @proutyfx. It’s funny, I read an interview recently where Bullock described the creature as a “snake-like, green man with a horrific baby face”. Many folks have speculated what the creature may have looked like, but they fail to realize the “snake-like green man” portion was simply Dirk in a spandex green-screen suit ?. Everything from the neck down was intended to be a giant CGI creature/body added later. In the end, I actually really liked the movie and think it was better off NOT showing the makeup. Kudos to the director for sticking to her guns on that one. Still a fun project to be a part of, thanks Howie! @hoops511 #netflix #birdbox

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