Friday, September 30, 2022’s Preview: 202O Volvo Walkaround with the U.S. Chief Designer and Product Pricing Strategist (VIDEO)

*Over the past few years Volvo has gone from being almost extinct to being a respected small player in the luxury arena.

Recently, I caught with the head of Volvo’s U.S. head of design as well as the pricing strategist for the brand.

Both executives gave me an overview of significant changes, pricing updates and the like as it relates to their 2020 line up of crossovers, SUVs and station wagons. As noted in the video, the brand has even upped the ante in terms of expanding its performance brand, which wears the name Polestar.

In addition to learning about key attributes of the vehicles from the executives, I also spent time behind the wheel, driving several of the 2020 models through the mountainous and picturesque Canadian Rockies both on and off road. Let’s just say with confidence, the V70 Cross Country, with its standard all-wheel-drive system, was able to climb with ease to the highest peak restaurant in Canada, which was seated at an eyebrow-raising 7,500 feet above sea level. Thank God, it didn’t rain. While the car was up for the test, I’m not quite sure if I was.

2020 Volvo Previews
2020 Volvo Previews (Photo Credit:

And, the XC90 I drove literally glided through the hilly Canadian highways, while the XC60 Polestar,  I put to the test, while being accompanied by a trained racing professional, on the landing strip of a small regional airport proved that the Volvo’s performance-oriented four-cylinder engine could outmatch many of today’s six and eight-cylinder vehicles.

Volvos have come along way. These lifestyle vehicles are great for cruising around the city or off the beaten path. With a Volvo, the styling is so fresh and tight these days, no matter what type of situation you find yourself in, you no longer have to apologize for sticking with a brand folks only purchased, at one time, because of its solid safety reputation.

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