Wednesday, December 8, 2021

How Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil are Useful for your Body


*While we are getting closer to the end of the year, you can cue up the health resolutions for the next year! But all jokes apart, if you are trying to be healthier, you will find that the notion of having a balanced diet is true to the tee. And for a wholly balanced diet, you need to add supplements to it. Vitamin D3 and fish oil are two supplements with wholesome benefits.

First, we draw your attention to fish oil. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it has a multitude of health benefits. Extracted from oily fish such as herring, tuna, anchovies and mackerel, it is also extracted fro, the liver of the codfish. The recommended portions of 1-2 servings of oily fish per week are sufficient to fulfill the body’s requirement of omega-3 fatty acids, but if you are one who does not like eating fish, or doesn’t eat fish regularly, fish oil supplements can help you get those required omega-3s. Here are some benefits of fish oil:

  • Supports Heart Health: Heart disease is one of the leading silent killers all across the world. Studies have shown that people who consume a lot of fish have much lower rates of heart disease. Fish oil can increase levels of “good” HDL cholesterol, lower the trigylcerides, reduce elevated blood pressure levels and can prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries.
  • Aids Weight Loss: Obesity or being overweight significantly increases your risk of diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Many studies have indicated, that fish oil supplements, in combination with diet and exercise can help you lose weight.
  • Healthier Skin: While fish oil brings back the natural glow in your skin, fish oil can be very helpful in alleviating skin disorders such as psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • Improve Attention and Hyperactivity in Children: Omega-3s can be particularly beneficial in improving perceived hyperactivity, inattention, impulsiveness and aggression in children. This also may benefit early life learning.

Now coming to the other- Vitamin D3. This is a fat-soluble vitamin, which helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus. Having the right amount of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus is important for building and maintaining strong bones. Also called the “sunshine” vitamin, it is produced by the body as a response to sun exposure; and it can also be consumed in food or supplements. The recommended intakes of vitamin D vary for different age groups, so before you begin taking it as a supplement, be sure to consult your physician for the correct dosage. There are several benefits of vitamin D3:

  • Healthy Bones: Vitamin D plays a substantial role in the regulation of calcium and maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood, which are essential for maintaining healthy bones. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to rickets in children, and osteomalacia and osteoporosis in adults.
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes: Several studies have shown an inverse relationship between blood concentrations of vitamin D in the body and risk of type 2 diabetes. Insufficient vitamin D levels may negatively effect insulin secretion and glucose tolerance in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  • Alleviates Skin Issues: Vitamin D supplements have shown to alleviate skin troubles like acne and issues like excessive hair loss.
  • Cancer Prevention: Vitamin D is extremely important for regulating cell growth and for cell-to-cell communication, and hence helps prevent cancer as well.

With such a horde of benefits, these supplements can be easily taken with a healthy diet to improve your overall health. But however, be sure to consult with your physician before beginning any supplements in your diet.



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