Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Wendy Williams Rushed to Hospital After Being Found Drunk and Unresponsive: Report

wendy williams
Talk-show host/actress Wendy Williams

*We’ve got some disturbing news about Wendy Williams. Apparently she didn’t take the news well regarding her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, and his alleged mistress, Sabrina Hudson, having a baby daughter.

Williams has been splitting her time between the TV studio and and a sober living facility the past few weeks.

Despite telling fans that it was all good on the home front, on Monday, as we reported, Williams was spotted  without her wedding ring.

Today, as we alluded to up top, the walls closed in her. Reports say she was rushed to a hospital after a relapse on Monday after taping her show. She was reportedly found drunk and in a “bad way” before she was brought to the hospital. At the medical facility, Wendy was reportedly given IV fluids to help her sober up and afterwards, she checked herself out.

Reports say the 54-year-old star’s sober coach, who had been with her 24 hours a day, raised the alarm.


Here’s more via the Daily Mail:

It’s understood Wendy was given a banana bag – a bag of IV fluids containing vitamins and minerals which helps clear a person’s system and sober them up. The solution has a yellow color hence the term ‘banana bag’.

‘Wendy was in a bad way so everyone was amazed that she made it in to the studio this morning to do the show,’ the source added. reached out to Wendy’s representatives for comment but received no response. 

Trooper Wendy didn’t seem worse for wear on her show on Tuesday morning but she’s still torn up over her husband Kevin Hunter having a baby.

The news outlet also quotes a source as saying …

“Wendy is considering divorcing Kevin. She’s really distraught over the situation, she knew about Sharina but didn’t think a baby would arrive, she didn’t think Kevin would go this far, she’s lost and everyone is worried for her.”

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  1. Ms. Williams is always real big on getting into everyone else’s business and making judgements on her Hot Topics portion of her show. I can’t help wondering how she’ll feel about being the subject of other folks hot topics? While I don’t follow her or the rest of the gossip purveyors it seems to have been common knowledge about her husbands other woman as well as the fact that he had fathered a child with her but I guess Wendy ignored it or pretended to, until now. Maybe she can get her act together and perhaps she’ll even have a bit more empathy for some whom she was quick to judge in the past. If nothing else she should know that alcohol and drugs are not the solution. If she is truly being wronged by her husband then she should dissolve all business attachments with him and make sure she has a valid will preventing him from getting anything. Other than that, life goes on.

  2. Wendy, I am praying for you. Get your ducks in a row and pull it together, you are stronger than this. Do not let this man have control over your well being – God’s got you – just pray and pray hard. I know this is hard and painful, but if you believe in God he will pull you up and out of this situation. Wendy, get up and get right and make it work for you – Yes, it is a deep cut but you will and can pull out this one.

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