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Man Dies After Injecting Silicone into His Genitals to Please Cult Leader

*A 28-year-old Australian-born Seattle resident named Jack Chapman, also known as Pup Tank, is making international headlines after dying from from “silicone embolism syndrome” resulting in hemorrhaging in the lungs, after injecting silicone into his scrotum to please his cult leader lover, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office told The Stranger this week.

Chapman, pictured right, was reportedly a kink enthusiast who was part of the dominance-submission cult scene in Seattle, according to the Daily Mail UK.

Dylan Hafertepen, pictured left, was the leader of an “inflation fetish” cult that requires members to inject their genitals with liquid silicone. He has thousands of followers on social media and is known for posting photos with his slaves, whom he calls his “his pups” or “obedient puppies.”

Several of Hafertepen’s slaves appear to have artificially enlarged genitals as well as extremely muscular bodies.

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Chapman’s mother, Linda, blames Hafertepen for turning her son on to the body modification lifestyle that resulted in his death. Chapman reportedly traveled from Melbourne to the U.S. to meet the cult leader and he eventually moved in with Hafertepen and four other men.

“It was devotion, it was like some sort of clan, family, like a cult. And to prove their devotion to him they had to change their bodies,” Linda said on the Australian talk show The Project.

“He was not the Jack that I sent over there. He had no self-esteem, he’d lost himself in this cult. This was a disturbed boy,” she added.

Linda confronted Hafertepen in an episode of “The Project” on Tuesday, after he traveled to Melbourne to deliver her son’s ashes to her.

She described Jack as “Someone who feels so badly about themselves, someone who was vulnerable, who just wanted your love at any cost… and the cost of his life.”

In the weeks before he died, Jack allegedly changed his will, leaving his $200,000 inheritance to Mr. Hafertepen.

“Three weeks before he dies he writes a will and leaves everything to Dylan. If that’s not suspicious I don’t know what is,” she told The Project.

Hafertepen deactivated several of his social media accounts after Chapman’s death. It is not known who injected silicone into Chapman’s scrotum.

No charges have been filed in Jack’s death.

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