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Angela Bassett on the ‘Timing’ of Her ‘Phenomenal Year’ with 3 Action Films

*Angela Bassett has had an incredible 2018 at the box office, with the most notable hit “Black Panther” in February followed by “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” — two of the top 10 grossing movies of the year. She also has and the Transformers prequel, “Bumblebee” hitting theaters on Friday.

Speaking to TooFab about her work voicing the villainous Shatter in “Bumblebee,” Bassett opened up about her recent career high and what sets the prequel apart from her other big hits this year. 

“I didn’t become familiar with ‘Transformers’ until the first Michael Bay film, because that typically wasn’t my genre,” says Bassett.

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angela bassett - bumblebee

“Comedy, romantic comedy, that sort of thing, maybe a Western in there, it wasn’t the big action movies,” she said of the genres she has always preferred watching. “I typically like the more human dynamic in my film.”

Bassett said action movies were always “an impossible nut to crack.”

But then her luck changed. 

“The fact that it happened in triplicate this year, is really pretty mysterious to me,” she continued. “Timing is everything. It was just the right time and if you stay ready, this kind of thing might just happen to you. It’s been a phenomenal year.”

She joined both the “Mission: Impossible ” and “Transformers” franchises in their sixth outing.

“I think part of that is that they’re really grounded in relationships, people dealing with people,” she said of what sets them apart. “We find that’s always more interesting because we want to understand ourselves, we want people to see us, validate us.”

Reflecting on her work this year — which included an appearance on “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” and her starring role on Ryan Murphy’s “9-1-1” — Bassett says it’s been “fun” and “satisfying.”

“You just go where the good characters and the good stories are,” she explained. “Television, film, it seems to be a lot more fluid today and not constrained by, ‘Oh, you only show up in the movies’ or ‘You only show up on stage.’ I’m glad we passed that tie and just go where the great roles are.”

“Bumblebee” is in theaters now.

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