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The Black Hat/Just Because Bill Cosby Told Your Kids To Pull Up Their Pants, You’ve Spitefully Abandoned Him

(This article was originally published 01-04-16)
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*You used to watch him on television religiously. He was more than the patriarch of the fictional Huxtable Family, he was the archetype for all black fathers to mimic. He eventually became America’s favorite dad, but Bill Cosby started as your childhood fantasy.

He was a 30-minute escape from the fatherless home from which many of you came. He was your teacher, your motivator, your source of love and encouragement, your support system, your disciplinarian, your friend and confidant, and most importantly, he was the father you always wanted, but never had.

For more than a year, the embattled comedian has been embroiled in an ongoing, tabloid-fueled melodrama filled with a ton of he-said-she-said rhetoric and propaganda. His alleged victims have emerged from different decades of his past to participate in what seems to be a huge money grab. There’s no conclusive evidence to corroborate the multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against Cosby—many of which seem far-fetched to say the least—but it hasn’t stopped the media from obliterating Cosby’s legacy and character, while portraying him (prematurely) as both a liar and habitual predator. As a result, his award-winning show has virtually disappeared from cable television, his many honorary college degrees have been revoked, murals and statues depicting his image have been demolished, his playful Jello commercials have been flushed down the toilet, and there’s even speculation that his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will eventually be removed.

In only 12 months, Cosby has regressed from being America’s favorite dad to America’s favorite punching bag, and what’s worse, it appears that his former fanbase is turning a blind eye to what’s going on (or making insensitive jokes about it). Meanwhile, protests, demonstrations and digital campaigns are being launched ad nauseam to support the likes of Michael Brown and Freddy Grey, two boneheads that paid the ultimate price for disobeying police and violating the laws of their respective hometowns. If Black Lives Matter, then it should include the life of a man who has dedicated more than 50 years to ensure the prosperity and longevity of African American people. As Facebook and Twitter continue to be flooded with hashtags against police brutality, a 78-year-old cultural icon is being brutalized mercilessly by the media and his detractors, many of whom, surprisingly, are black. After the Michael Brown shooting in 2014, numerous support groups and civil-rights organizations joined forces and demanded justice for the slain teenager. This happened despite the released footage of Brown robbing a convenience store and strong-arming the clerk on duty. It happened despite reports of him blatantly disobeying officer Darren Wilson’s orders, and then engaging him in physical combat. And when the charges against Officer Wilson were dropped—due to an undeniable amount of conclusive evidence in his favor—it triggered national outage and resulted in the riotous destruction of Ferguson, Missouri, where the incident transpired. Similar incidents, generally involving lawbreakers and juvenile delinquents, have sparked countless protests across the country.

Contrarily, the man we all grew up admiring is taking a pounding from the media and the best African Americans have done to defend Bill Cosby, thus far, is post halfhearted one-liners on Facebook and silly memes on Twitter. Isn’t he worth more than a brief mention on social media? Black people, you raise hell every time CNN riles you up (for ratings) with sensationalized reports of police misconduct against minorities. However, if someone were to listen for black voices in defense of Cosby, he would likely hear the disenchanting sound of critics chirping. Why aren’t we protesting the slander and character assassination of a man who has donated millions to preserve and create black institutions of learning? Why aren’t we demanding a court-ordered investigation into the personal history of each alleged Cosby assault victim (90 percent of whom are white). Why aren’t we doing everything in our power to help Cosby overcome the odds stacked against him? Oh that’s right, I forgot. Many of you have been holding a grudge against this man for years because he encouraged your foolish children to pull up their trousers in public. He challenged you to be better parents (a request that’s clearly fallen on deaf ears). He challenged the black community to raise its level of productivity and sophistication (another request that hasn’t materialized). In your eyes, Cosby is a self-righteous Uncle Tom and therefore unworthy of your allegiance. He continues to dwell in exile, while the doors of black support swing open perpetually to those who can barely spell Cosby, let alone match his accomplishments. One day soon, the media will announce Bill Cosby’s death. His demise, however, won’t come from natural causes, it will be the result of a broken heart.

You Negroes make me sick.

(This article was originally published 01-04-16)

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The Black Hat is written by  Southern California based  Cory A. Haywood, a freelance writer and expert on Negro foolishness. Contact him via: and/or visit his blogs: and, or send him a message on Twitter: @coryahaywood



  1. All serial rapists and unrepentant sociopaths who traumatize without conscience deserve to be abandoned.

  2. As far as I can tell the only people still supporting Cosby *are* black people. But you can’t be happy unless every single black person agrees with you. If I was black I would consider a landmark of equality to be a time when I could be allowed to think for myself without other people telling me who I should and should not support just because of the color of my skin. This is about a man using his power to rape women.

    In fact I suspect part of the reason it took so long for the Cosby thing to come out is because he was given a bye as a successful black man. A lot of white people in power are more afraid of appearing racist than anything else. Black people don’t seem to get this. White people don’t care if there are successful black men. I thought we established that when we elected Obama. What you are doing is just turning back the clock. This issue, and this incident, needs to be COLOR BLIND.

  3. Cosby is the ultimate actor and he fooled us all, especially the author. This isn’t white or black this is about the ultimate mistreatment of women. If you care about people of color you should care about women too. Remember your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your aunt.

  4. After reading the byline and parts of this article it is evident that it is just a blatant attempt to market the author, period. His views are sensational and an attempt to create a buzz for himself instead of providing a true commentary on social issues.

    I offer the following to prove my theory:
    His first website is not available (checked it)
    His blog has not been updated in months (checked it)
    His Twitter account is a cry for help with less than 225 followers.

    My only question is who at Eroweb thought this was worth posting? Not worth the time I spent to write this commment…

  5. Edward Rose, thank you for simply telling the truth. With that said, please let us all not respond to anything written by this foolish negro again.

  6. You are absolutely correct as far as Cosby being abandoned by blacks. They knew , after the hoopla concerning Cosby telling young people to pull up their pants( how dare he offer an opinion that didnt make 1000 excuses for the lack of taking responsibility for ones choices prevelant among the same demographic) NOW ,when they are certain he has been relegated to uncle TOM status by other blacks,here come the trashy want to be stars Cosby used and disgarded, out of the woodwork.Is he a horrible husband YES, but last I checked there are no laws against that.Otherwise men everywhere would be incarcerated in droves. I believe he made promises he didnt keep and many assumed because they were white he would leave his black wife in favor of having the ultimate(in their minds) status symbol, a black man with a white woman on his arm.He declined. Supposedly countless number of drugged and rape victims who return willingly to the black perp several times, and supposedly countless others who never came forward, NOT ONE. What’s not to believe??? They know we have absolutely no loyalty to one another, less massa think we aint good niccas. Hell if its white it has got to be right.

  7. Btw.How many of you know or have a “cousin” who is inarcerated(held hostage) for upteen years for “raping when caught having sex* a white girl .Rape? Ha!Too many of them are tossing it too fast to catch and then calling rape when it suits them (money, reputataion, scorned, etc) Rape is disgusting and I in no way condone such a heinous brutal act toward women children or even men but do people actually believe this is what happened? Why the outrage by the victims NOW ?Any evidence is long gone, isnt that convenient?.?It has NEVER EVER been a time, especially years ago, that a black man would be allowed to touch a white woman without her permission ? Are we to believe,years later ,that it happened with reckless abandon.When in the history of America has a black man’s word EVER been taken over a white anything?!? These women and they’re supporters claim they were afraid because it was Bill Cosby, no one would believe them, not even white men.LOL.Yeah, because white men love and fear a black man with money in America especially during the years the alleged rapes took place.LOL

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