Thursday, May 19, 2022

EUR Spotlight On: ‘Chef Ameera’ — Winner on the Food Network’s ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’

Chef Ameera serves it up with love!
Chef Ameera serves it up with love!

*Don’t let the sweet face on the woman pictured above fool you. Just ask the 90-lb Asian chick who fell for it. You see where it got her right?

But if you didn’t get to see the antics on the episode of “Cutthroat Kitchen” – the hit reality cooking show on The Food Network, take my word for it:

It got that little woman absolutely nowhere.

The show is hosted by Alton Brown, an all-around television personality and author with an obvious penchant for hosting food shows and each 60-minute episode gives four chefs the opportunity to compete in a three-round elimination cooking competition.

Its a show driven by humor (with shots that cut to funny facial expressions and voice overs from the chefs and Brown), a competitive spirit, and loads of zany sabotages that often make no sense at all…which is probably the whole purpose of them.

Ameera Muhammad, aka “Chef Ameera,” won the hearts of viewers AND the competition as she Zenned her way through the challenges of cooking dishes she admits she had tasted before, but never actually made; at least not before the competition where she walked away with the title of WINNER and $5,000.00 cash. The prize money ends up being whatever the amount of money he or she was able to hold on to from the sabotage cash they were given at the top of the show.

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