Friday, May 27, 2022

Black Women Running for Office: A Hope for American Politics – VIDEO

*The political climate of our country has only gotten worse since Donald J. Trump took office as the nation’s 45th President. He has either directly worked against progress of the previous administration or enabled others to do the same. His whole approach to the serious business of running a country seems to be one that is based in petty attacks and chest-thumping about hollow victories. In this scenario, Black women and their resistance offers some hope for American politics and the country in general.

Women like Maxine Waters are not afraid to take on bullies, calling them out on their selfish actions that go against the oath they swear to uphold. That’s why Aunty Maxine has been vocal from the very start about impeaching Trump. She doesn’t mince words and she won’t take being underestimated. Her conviction and actions have made phrases like “reclaiming my time” into a rallying cry for women everywhere.

In a time when the Democratic Party has compromised its principles in its attempt to be more centrist, Ms. Waters is preparing the blueprint for resistance. No one should lecture her on civility, when she calls out people causing actual damage to the fabric of American democracy and diplomacy.

No one should ever forget that if it weren’t for the efforts of Black women, Alabama would have voted a pedophile and sexual harasser into office. Democrat Doug Jones won that state because Black women canvassed for him and then went out to vote for him. Black women literally saved America, a country that doesn’t guarantee them equal pay, fair treatment or safety. It’s time that instead of just showering them were praise, they be given something substantial – power.

More women, especially more Black women, are needed in politics. As the old saying goes, “if you want to get something done right, you send a woman”. Our political situation is in such bad shape that it can only be fixed by women rising from the grassroots. They understand the issues and they understand the responsibility that comes with having a powerful position.

Many people in America are disillusioned with establishment politics and rightfully so. Instead of playing into the hands of opportunists, all Americans should lift up Black women who want to be in public service. One of the best resources to get educated on this is author Luvvie Ajayi’s website Black Women in Politics. This website provides a database of all the women running for office, which one can browse by name or state. It’s time we get information, while the ladies get in Formation.




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