Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Ex NFL Star Martellus Bennett To Debut Animated Series ‘The Fantastical Adventures of A.J.’

*Former NFL pro bowl tight end Martellus Bennett has transitioned to children’s animation in his retirement.

“The Fantastical Adventures of A.J.,” available on iTunes beginning July 20, is based on the universe created by Bennett in his first two books, Hey A.J., It’s Saturday, followed by Hey A.J., It’s Bedtime, which also spun off some interactive apps and a podcast, the Hey A.J. Show, reports Deadline.

All of the works are written and illustrated by Bennett, who played with Dallas, the New York Giants, Chicago, Green Bay and New England during his football career.

In the latest book, A.J. finds herself on yet another magical adventure with her best friend, Theo the Bunny. A.J. and Theo travel through space, transform into a ninja, sail the seas as a pirate, and rock out on the guitar, all from the comfort of home while mom and dad aren’t looking. The series is based on Bennett’s own interaction with his young daughter.

“Fantastical Adventures is another piece of the creative puzzle in the Hey A.J. series,” said a statement from Bennett. “I want kids to imagine themselves in every universe and know no boundaries when it comes to their imagination.”

Founded in 2014 by Bennett, the Imagination Agency creates multimedia content designed to inspire kids to dream bigger and imagine more.




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