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Fans Warn Eva Marcille to Conceal Her Location From ‘Psychotic Baby Daddy’

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*Eva Marcille and her fiancé, Michael Sterling, were showered with love from family and friends during their “Prince Michael” themed baby shower, Us Weekly reported.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star continues to bask in the joys of pregnancy — and soon-to-be little boy — and she’s sharing the journey with her adoring fans.

Eva shared an Instagram post in which she doesn’t wear any makeup, and captioned it: “Just sitting around super duper pregnant. Happy Saturday!! #lifesgood Whatcha up to?”

But a few fans warned Marcille not to disclose her location because her daughter’s “psychotic” daddy, Kevin McCall, is looking for her.

Sis, don’t put your location on. You have a psychotic baby daddy who is looking for you,” one fan advised her, while another one wrote “Congratulations to the both of you. Please be careful sweetheart. God bless.”

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Just sitting around superduper pregnant. Happy Saturday!! #lifesgood Whatcha up to?

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“The best part of parenting is watching our kids grow. The enjoyment of every moment with the babies is unexplainable because its all filled with never-ending love. They change us to do better when we aren’t. They teach us how to love when we couldn’t. They teach us strength when we’re weak. Most of all, they give us a reason to live. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do it!!! If you allow someone to let you believe you can’t be a parent or take care of a child, then you are allowing your child believe you can’t take care of them. That’s what I see been happening to a lot of people. I’m just saying. Anyways you are a beautiful mommy,” another one of her followers posted gushing over Eva and sharing useful advice.

Back in November, McCall disowned his daughter with Marcille after he became infuriated when she posted a picture of little Marley Rae with Sterling on Instagram. The final straw came two days later, when the former the “America’s Next Top Model” star posted a picture of her burgeoning baby bump.

“She’s a real bitch for this and I’d say it in front of @miketsterling,” Kevin wrote, according to screenshots.

The former singer also threatened Sterling.

“Stop letting her make you do #politicallyincorrect shit or take a private meeting with me in council man. Otherwise sit back like the little bitch you are. Private meeting or nah?” he wrote in part of the post.

“If you want to her so bad, you can have her. I’m deleting all memories of her. I’m not about to play any more games or participate in society’s joke of a child program,” McCall said. “[You’re] dead to me.”

Kevin did not respond to Eva’s announcement that she and Michael were expecting a child together, but he did circle a group of pictures and wrote, “Now you see her.”

In the following post, he scrubbed all his daughter’s pictures from his IG profile. “Now you don’t,” he wrote.

Adding: “Out of sight out of mind. Erased from my memory. Go play games with another person. It’s not working anymore. She’s yours forever and you can keep her.”

Earlier this year, Eva opened up a bit about where she stands with her ex.

”We don’t have a relationship”, she told Essence about her status with Kevin. “He’s blocked on all my social media. I have full custody of my daughter and her dad is Michael Sterling, so he is a blast from the past and a memory.”

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