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‘The Real’ Takeaways From Quincy’s Interview + Larenz Tate’s Dream Guy Trip

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*On Thursday, February 8, the hosts of “The Real” discuss Quincy Jones’ recent controversial interview and share their thoughts on his comments about Michael Jackson. And, the Winter Games are here! The hosts talk about what activities they would win medals for and Loni Love reveals a skill that the hosts never knew be“fore.”

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Later, Girl’s Trip actor Larenz Tate stops by to chat about the 2018 Trumpet Awards and play a game of “Love or Hate With Larenz Tate!” Plus, his ideal “guy trip” is giving us all kinds of #squadgoals.

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‘The Real’ Takeaways From Quincy’s Interview

Is Loni Love the Next Tiger Woods?

Larenz Tate’s Dream Guy Trip is Giving Us #Squadgoals 

The Real Takeaways From Quincy’s Interview

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Ade, I know you’re.. you know a lot about music. How does one steal music from another?

Adrienne Houghton: So I think it’s important to read the whole thing, cause it says…

Tamera: Okay.

Adrienne: He stole a lot from Donna Summers and other people. But I think when he’s saying “stole,” he’s not saying he actually stole songs away from them.

Loni Love: Right.

Adrienne: He’s saying he got a lot of…

Loni: The bars.

Adrienne: Inspiration from it, which technically with music there is a way to steal certain styles and certain melodies without actually stealing them. Does that make sense?

Tamera: Yes, it does.

Loni: Well, for… for “Billie Jean” I was reading was a tweet from Elgin Charles who was a hair dresser.

Adrienne: uh-huh.

Loni: He used to be a…

Tamera: Oh my gosh, he used to do my hair. He was married to Jackeé Harry.

Adrienne: Yes, he has a salon in Beverly Hills.

Loni: Exactly.

Adrienne: Sure did.

Loni: Well Elgin put out a tweet and said with all due respect I believe he’s wrong about him stealing the song from Donna Summer that it was actually an inspiration from Hall & Oates, “No Can Do.” “Billie Jean.” And if you think about the song, “No Can Do,” that beat so it’s really like that beat that “Billie Jean” has. That beat. You know, you know it could be something like that.

Adrienne: Yes. But it doesn’t take away from him dissing the amazing artist that Michael Jackson was. He has complimented Michael Jackson a million times over the years as being one of the greatest entertainers of all time. So I don’t want people to hear that and be like, “Oh! He’s dissing Michael Jackson.”

Loni: Right.

Tamera: Yeah.

Jeannie Mai: Yeah.

Adrienne: I don’t think he’s taking it that far, I think he’s. Just saying…

Loni: Well he did say some inspirational things too.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Loni: Cause really the whole purpose of the interview was to talk about music and the aspiration of music. And the thing about the reporters is that they got a little shady and asking little things.

Jeannie: Yes.

Loni: But one of the quotes that I took away from as far as music, is that he never created music based on money. He said…his quote was, “God walks out of the room when you’re thinking about money.”

[The Real audience applauds]

Loni: And I thought, “That’s something to take away from the interview.”



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