Saturday, August 13, 2022

Malika Haqq Evicted from the ‘Big Brother UK’ Just Before Finale

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*Malika Haqq just missed out on the finale of “Big Brother UK.”

The reality star, most famous for being the best friend of Khloe Kardashian, is the latest celeb evicted from “Big Brother’s” UK version, just days before the season finale.

According to the Daily Mail, Malika nearly quit the show last week during a task but decided to stick it out because of her co-stars.

Appearing on today’s “Good Morning Britain” to discuss her experience, Haqq said she got really good at layering clothes, describing the house as “freezing, absolutely cold.”

“I come to London all the time. I work in Manchester as well. I was thinking I’ll stay in my room, but it’s cold on the outside, it’s cold on the inside,” she said. “I had several colds while I was in there. It’s hard emotionally but physically as well.”

Haqq admitted it was the little things she was grateful for after coming out of the house.

“I was so excited to get into a shower that someone hadn’t just jumped out of before I got in,” she said. “You miss those things. You don’t realize how much you take things for granted until you don’t have it.”

Malika said the experience was good for her overall: “I’m a bit of a control freak and you have to give up your control. I like controlling myself but I think that’s being harsher on myself too, so relinquishing control made it a bit easier, mentally.”

She continued: “I didn’t have an issue with anyone in the house, I was a little stifled by the structure of ‘Big Brother’ itself. I’ll talk to anyone, but it was really rough, things like, ‘So, I can’t shower when I want to?'”

And Malika didn’t wait long once she was out of the house to get in touch with her BFF.

“It got rougher and rougher but yes, she was one of the very first phone calls when I got out,” Haqq said of Khloe.

Watch Malika’s exit interview below:




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