Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Video Shows Women Attacking Pedestrians After Getting Kicked Out Of An Uber For Vomiting

*Uber driver Travis Cole posted a 7-minute long video to YouTube which shows the unfortunate events that transpired after he made two California women leave his car for vomiting on the seat.

“I picked up 2 girls in Hollywood and they were wasted but I first asked if they are going to be sick and if they puked already but they said they were good so I continued the ride. Not even a minute down the street the girl in the back starts making gagging noises so I immediately hand her a vomit bag but she does not even use it,” Cole wrote on the video.

He went on to describe how when one of the women began vomiting on herself, he immediately pulled into an In’N’Out parking lot to let them out — that’s when all hell broke loose. His drunken passengers exploded in a violent rampage.

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“Both [women] became very violent and began smashing up my car with their fists and high heel shoes so I closed up my car and locked it and got away from them so they couldn’t try to hurt me while I called 911. They ripped my driver side door handle out and knocked my mirror off.”

He continued, “Many witnesses began getting involved and began recording with their cell phones. These 2 girls literally begin rampaging in the In’N’Out parking lot and start hitting other vehicles as well as mine and use their high heels to hit my windows of my car as well as other parked vehicles and vehicles in the drive-through waiting to order food.”

“They then also begin hitting and attacking innocent bystanders. This continued until police arrived to tackle them and contain them. They were placed under arrest for vandalism and assault. They also assaulted the police,” Cole wrote.

The unidentified women were eventually placed under arrest, but Cole still had to deal with the messy aftermath.

“I had to drive all the way home with my windows down and puke all over the inside and outside of my car. Was a horrible night.”



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