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Queen Latifah Has a ‘Death Clause’ – John Singleton Defends R. Kelly (WATCH)

*Industry vet Queen Latifah is not only considered one of hip-hop’s pioneer feminists, her work in music, film and television has earned her a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, two NAACP Image Awards, and an Academy Award nomination. She’s thisclose to adding EGOT to her resume.

But the Queen has one key stipulation in her acting contracts: she cannot die in any movie she is in.

After her character died in the classic crime drama “Set It Off,” Latifah told Late Night With Seth Meyers that she added a “death clause” to her contract.

“I put a death clause in my contract right after that movie,” she said in the interview earlier this week.  “I was like, ‘Wait a minute, I’m starting to die too good in these movies. Hold up — if I die, then I can’t be in the sequel.’”

Watch her interview with Seth via the clip above.

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supports r. kelly
Director John Singleton wants y’all to step off R. Kelly ‘cause he takes no issue with the singer collecting young black women and using them for sexual gratification.

In case you were traveling back from space last week and you missed the memo, the parents of three women have accused R. Kelly of keeping their daughters in a “sex cult.”

But Singleton believes that it ain’t nothing but something to do. After all, the women are grown and making adult decisions.

During an interview with TMZ, Singleton expressed his dismay about why people are feeling some way about Kelly’s sexual appetite.

“He’s not misunderstood. He has a bunch of girlfriends. A lot of people have a bunch of girlfriends,” Singleton said. “The women that he’s with are adult women and they made the decision to be with him and know what they are getting into so I don’t see what the controversy is and what it’s about.”

Singleton also said that R. Kelly should NOT be compared to Bill Cosby.

“No, not at all. That’s a whole different situation.”

Watch Singleton’s remarks below.



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