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‘Geostorm’ Starring Gerard Butler is Set to Be A Box Office Smash (EUR Exclusive – WATCH!)

*Gerard Butler stars in the suspense thriller “Geostorm as Jake Lawson who is a scientist that built an intricate network of satellites to control global climate.

However, the system built to protect the Earth is malfunctioning and it is up to Jake and his brother Max played by Jim Sturgess to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything and everyone on the planet.

On Sunday October 10, 2017, Warner Bros Pictures held their press junket screening for the PG-13 film at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

EUR correspondent Miss Conversation Piece spoke with cast members  Butler, Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, and director Dean Devlin about the movie’s main theme of “control,” what they have to say about choosing love or career, and what makes this movie a must see.

Some things aren’t meant to be controlled and this movie starts the conversation about science doing more harm than good for the world. The process to make this film aesthetically beautiful and realistic was inspired by production designer Kirk Petruccelli’s rationale to create technological, industrial, and mechanical elements to make it seem as though the infrastructure were actually in space.

geostorm - miss conversation piece

In addition to the research done with NASA, there were 5 adjoining soundstages at New Orleans’ Big Easy Studio that with the help of visual effects became Washington D.C., Tokyo, Dubai, & Orlando, Fl. This was the setting for some of the most catastrophic events seen on screen with the movie going for an unnatural aspect of natural disasters such as tornados, cyclones, and firestorms.

The film, written by Dean Devlin (Independence Day) and Paul Guyot, originated from Devlin’s oldest daughter who at six years old asked, “Why can’t we just build a machine to fix it?” while learning about climate change. That sparked the notion that if a machine were built what would happen if it went horribly wrong?

As the story unfolds, one can see that some things weren’t meant to be controlled. Co-writer Guyot embraced Devlin’s initial idea and says:

“The notion of manipulating the weather by means that will be good for all of humankind is great … until of course somebody inevitably uses it for evil, right?

Dean Devlin also shares with EURweb that he hopes his contribution to the world would be to start the conversation on climate control the same way he did with previous films and bringing back electric cars.

“Geostorm” is set to premiere in theaters on Friday October 20. Visit to view the trailer and for more information.


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