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Tichina Arnold Shows Love to ‘Martin’ Fans, Talks Failed Spin-Off and Making Music Moves

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Tichina Arnold
Tichina Arnold

*Tichina Arnold is an entertainment veteran with years of big and small screen work to silence any haters.

While Rochelle from “Everybody Hates Chris,” Cassie Calloway from “Survivor’s Remorse” and Mo Evans from Vh1’s “Daytime Divas” are memorable, to many, it’s Pamela “Pam” James from “Martin” that registers as the most well-known character in Arnold’s professional arsenal. A fact the actress has no problem with at all, considering the love she’s gotten from “Martin” fans throughout the show’s run on the Fox network in the ‘90’s and currently.

In short, Arnold has nothing but love for those who enjoyed her as Pam back then and continue to have a good laugh over “Martin” today, as the sitcom lives on in reruns on BET.

“Thank you for watching. I’m humbled that they still enjoy it,” Arnold shared with EURweb while confessing, “that means I don’t mind when they call me Pam because that means I did my job right.

“Now when you know my name, then I’ma hold it to you. But the fact that people could still enjoy watching ‘Martin’ 25 years later shows that we did something right. It shows that our hard work paid off. And that’s the whole point of comedy and TV and entertaining. It’s that people can enjoy it and be entertained and here we are 25 years later and they’re entertained still.”

Arnold’s comments comes amid the 25th anniversary of “Martin,” which premiered on August 27, 1992. The show, which starred Martin Lawrence, Arnold, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Carl Payne, Thomas Mikal Ford, centered around the life of Lawrence’s character Martin Payne, a local radio DJ turned TV talk show host, and his girlfriend, Gina Waters, who later became his wife.

"Martin" stars (l to r) Tichina Arnold, Carl Payne, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Thomas Mikal Ford
“Martin” stars (l to r) Tichina Arnold, Carl Payne, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Thomas Mikal Ford

Throughout its five-season run on Fox, “Martin” remained one of the network’s most popular sitcoms with viewers who couldn’t get enough of its stars and characters. As Gina’s best friend Pam, Arnold often found herself trading insults with Martin Payne, which became one of the hallmarks of “Martin.”

With the show’s success, talk eventually turned towards expanding the “Martin” universe with a spin-off centering on Pam, who became an A&R at a record label when the show ended on May 1, 1997.

A pilot episode of the spin-off titled “Goin’ For Mine” spawned from an episode of “Martin” of the same name, which aired during the show’s final season. Despite the momentum of “Martin” and it’s potential to be a hit, “Goin’ for Mine” was never picked up by Fox.

Looking back, Arnold isn’t sad over what happened with “Goin’ for Mine.” For her, the spin-off served as proof she could headline her own series.

“Networks change their mind all the time. And they changed their mind. There’s a lot of great shows and a lot of great pilots that weren’t picked up. Back then, it was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is great. It would be a no-brainer.’ But, you know, that’s how fickle the industry is. You never know,” Arnold expressed when asked why Fox passed on “Goin’ for Mine.” “There’s no specific reason that I was given as to why it wasn’t picked up, but it’s just one of those things. It could’ve been anything. It could’ve been budget. It could’ve been they’re changing the line-up. It could’ve been anything. You just never know. I always keep it movin’… It’s just one of those things. You can never tell. You never know.”

“I never get sad. I don’t get sad over that. I’ve been in the industry since I was 11. So I’m used to being told ‘no.’ I’m used to, ‘OK, well it’s not going to happen this time. Try again.’ And I’m used to rejection. So when you become used to that or accustomed to that…that was a great opportunity for me, but no, it’s just water under a bridge,” she continued. “I’m happy that it had even gotten that far and they chose me as a spin-off character. So that in and of itself was displayed to me that I could carry my own show. I could do it, that that wasn’t contingent upon whether or not the show got picked up. The fact I got that far was good enough for me. Of course it’s disappointing, but I was never sad,” she continued. “What’s for you will be for you.”

As fans know, snappy remarks from Pam to Martin were just one of the things Pam was noted for. “Martin” proved to be a dual plus for Arnold, who showed off her singing talent and comedic chops with the sitcom.

Although Campbell-Martin embarked on a solo career, music lovers have never gotten a full taste of what Arnold can do behind the mic beyond the confines of “Martin.” That will change soon as Arnold confirmed that she will finally step out and fully venture into the world of music.

“Yes, it’s on the table now. It’s just that I never given music 200% of my time. But it’s on the table now,” the actress — who can be found on social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook — revealed. “I have completed songs. And I actually just started copyrighting all my stuff. So yes, it’s coming and it’s coming soon.”




  1. I remember Tichina Arnold singing as far back as “Little Shop of Horrors” along with Tisha and another sister whose name I can’t remember right now. Also from ABC’s “Ryan’s Hope” where she sang at least once, a gospel song, if my mind serves me correctly. She should have been singing all along! She has pipes to die for and hopefully now, everyone can hear that voice!!

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