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Erin Hackney’s Mezz Brands: A Cannabis Lifestyle Business That Aims Higher (EUR Exclusive!)

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Mezz Brands Founder/CEO Erin Hackney

*Cannabis or Marijuana as it’s more commonly known, with co-names such as pot, grass, bud, weed, Mary Jane, the chronic and so many other pop-culture labels, has been around since 500 BC, according to some “high-level” experts on the subject.

Yet, the ways in which marijuana is viewed, purchased and consumed today, and in the future, are evolving at the speed of light.

A company that’s sitting at the light switch of the cannabis industry is Mezz Brands, an Atlanta-based lifestyle enterprise that’s taking cannabis use to higher levels.

“When I looked around, I didn’t see anything that was authentic and mainstream for a cannabis lifestyle company for professionals that consume cannabis,” said Erin Hackney, founder and CEO of Mezz Brands.  “So we started Mezz Brands to address this growing mainstream population.”

Mezz Brands sells vape pens, which allows cannabis consumers to enjoy the cannabis experience without smoking marijuana cigarettes/joints.

“The smartest way to leverage cannabis is to vape it,” said Hackney.  “The oil from a health point of view is much safer than smoking. Doctors will tell you that it’s not good to smoke something that you have to use combustible elements that go into your lungs.”

erin hackney & dj envy
Erin Hackney and his crew

Hackney pointed out that the CBD, which is the oil properties of cannabis, provides the medicinal value for healing.  It does not give a buzz.

“One of the things that most Americans don’t approve of is the smell of cannabis, but they do enjoy the relaxation and benefits of the cannabis flower,” Hackney told EUR’s Lee Bailey.  “So one of the things that we’re trying to do is educate mainstream Americans.  First, we are getting away from calling cannabis weed. It’s not a weed.”

Hackney’s vision and direction for the company is to product cannabis products to consumers such as soccer moms, teachers, lawyers, and other professionals, all of whom, want to associate themselves with a good clean brand of cannabis.  For professionals and others who want the benefit, and not the associated smell, Mezz Brands’ vape pens are the answer.

“What we are doing is taking the smell out of the oil, so that your car, home, clothes won’t smell when consuming cannabis,” Hackney said.  “The beauty of vaping is through technology we’re able to take the smell out.  Plus, proper dozing is critical even when vaping.  One or two pulls from the vape pen is enough.”


mezz brands - drink & mezz

While the company’s vape pens and other related cannabis products are important to Mezz Brands’ bottom line of profitability, Hackney is just as interested in African Americans getting in on the industry in multiple ways.

“We, as African Americans, have the opportunity to build the next Nike, the next Jack Daniels, which are iconic brands,” explained Hackney. “We can do this. What I’m telling African Americans is, don’t wait too wait to get into the game.  I want people to get into the business.  I want people to get in who are not your usual suspects, such as Snoop, The Game and others.  I   would love to see the Lee Baileys, the Oprah Winfreys, and the Cathy Hughes of the world get in.”

In addition to growing and selling cannabis where it’s legal, Hackney said there are numerous other ways to get into the industry. He pointed to hedge funds/stock investments.  Yet, he believes the biggest area for massive opportunity in the industry is through owning and operating required test facilities, because there are not enough of them in legal markets.

“If I had to do it all over again, I would open or invest in test facilities,” said Hackney.  “But, it’s about where do you want to put your money in this industry.  Mezz Brands is focused on the product that is going out to the consumers.”

Yet, Hackney expresses excitement about where the cannabis industry is headed, despite federal threats to reverse marijuana/cannabis laws across the nation.

“The industry is pushing forward; it’s too big to turn around,” Hackney said.  “There are too many communities that have created too many jobs and too much benefit from a medicinal perspective.  No one can stop this.”

Hackney continued.

“When you think about one store in Seattle, Washington doing $80,000 in sales a day, and       40-plus percent of that is going to taxes and helping that city and state’s economy, I just don’t see how anyone can stop the momentum of this significant tax revenue that’s coming from this growing industry. Ten years from now, you’ll hear about cannabis businesses being sold for a billion dollars.  Hopefully Mezz Brands is one of those companies.”

Both Hackney and Bailey agreed there is so much more to talk about pertaining to this swiftly expanding industry, with its multiple financial opportunities.  Therefore, stay tuned for more exclusive interviews with Hackney.

“There is a whole lot more to talk about,” Hackney said. “Because cannabis will be the largest industry that the world has ever seen because it has vast recreational and medicinal value to consumers.”

For more information about Mezz Brands, its products and upcoming informational events across the nation by the company, log on to or go to Facebook at




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