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Imagine a World Where Films Are Written with Artificial Intelligence: ‘Real Artists’

Real Artists” Explores The Future of Creativity

This science fiction short film (as seen in indieWIRE) stars renowned actress Tamlyn Tomita (Four Rooms, The Joy Luck Club, The Day After Tomorrow) and marks the debut of Tiffany Hines (24: Legacy, Bones) in a sci-fi indie role.

“Real Artists” will screen at THREE Los Angeles area festivals in August, including LA Shorts Festival, HollyShorts, and New Filmmakers Los Angeles (Aug. 26).

Director Cameo Wood has studied artificial intelligence and neuroscience at Simon’s Rock College of Bard and Duke University, participating in the first “Original Imitation Game” (aka Turing Test) as seen in Wired.

“Real Artists” was produced with a cast & crew that consisted of 75% women, and 50% people of color.

What is a ‘real artist’?
Sophia, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job. But when she discovers the truth of the modern “creative” process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film. Is making movies scientifically written to appeal to the broadest crowd with the aid of artificial intelligence the same thing as being a “real artist”?

Set in an unsettling tomorrow, “Real Artists” is the new sci-fi short film from award-winning director/screenwriter Cameo Wood (Dukha in Summer) and based on the short story by Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy-winning author Ken Liu (The Grace of Kings).

“We felt it was the right time to take a hard look at the issues surrounding the future filmmaking, and what it may be like to collaborate with an AI. We’re envisioning a near future when it’s more efficient to have an artificial intelligence create a film and test it on a human audience.” -Director Cameo Wood

Cameo Wood is a life-long lover of science fiction, with an academic background to boot. She has studied artificial intelligence and neuroscience at Simons’s Rock College of Bard and Duke, and even did the first “Original Imitation Game” (aka Turing Test) as seen in Wired. Cameo continues to work closely with a community of scientists and storytellers, including The Long Now Foundation, a group that fosters long term thinking.


Tamlyn Tomita

tamlyn tomita

Tamlyn Tomita made her screen debut in The Karate Kid Part II, and continued to create rich and engrossing characters in feature films such as Come See the Paradise opposite Dennis Quaid, the film adaptation of Amy Tan’s bestselling novel The Joy Luck Club, in Picture Bride (Audience Award winner, 1995 Sundance Film Festival), and Four Rooms opposite Antonio Banderas. She can currently been seen playing Noshiko Yukimura in Teen Wolf on MTV, and autumn 2016 on EPIX in the new series Berlin Station with Richard Artimage.

Tiffany Hines

tiffany hines
Tiffany Hines is known for her memorable television roles as Birdie Scott on Beyond the Break, Michelle Welton on Bones, Didi Miller on Devious Maids, Jaden on Nikita, and Kelly Baptiste on Damien. She can be seen on the new show 24: Legacy as Aisha with costar Corey Hawkins.

“It sounds so out there, but we are technologically advanced these days and who knows, maybe it’s just around the corner. It’s kind of scary to think about.” -Tiffany Hines

“We have to be responsible for how we progress, and that’s a big burden. I think a real artist is going to bring about that question.” -Tamlyn Tomita






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