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Meet Hollywood’s New Daughter: Saniyya Sidney (EUR Exclusive!)

*10 year-old Saniyya Sidney is on her way to becoming a household name. This precious little “hidden figure” is busy leaping “fences” while staying true to “HER” roots.

Within the last year, Saniyya has starred in a few television series such as, FX’s “American Horror Story” as well as The History Channel’s mini series “Roots.”

This young, sagacious, and talented actress has definitely made quite the entrance into Hollywood while securing meaningful roles.

Saniyya Sidney
Saniyya Sidney

“I’ve been blessed so far with so many things and I wanna thank God for that of course; and, its just an exciting and fun process to get to express myself with the world,” she told EURweb.

In the mini series “Roots,” Saniyya played young Kizzy in part 2. That particular role highlighted the challenges Kizzy faced as a child in terms of being involved with an interracial friendship with the slave master daughter. Before acting out the role, she watched the original “Roots” movie written by Alex Haley to get into character. When asked if she felt any pressure from her first televised role, her response was, “No! Not at all!”

“I feel like she was happy! Even though she was a slave and all, she still tried to find her happy place everyday,” Miss Saniyya added. “She had a best friend that she would stick with even though it doesn’t matter what color you are. Don’t judge a book by its cover you’re still best friends no matter what.”

Pretty soon we will be seeing her play one of Taraji P. Henson’s daughters in the movie “Hidden Figures” as well as the daughter of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in “Fences,” which will both be in theaters December 26. Saniyya shared the wonderful time she had playing Henson and Washington’s daughter in both films. Both opportunities taught her a lot and encouraged her to let go and have fun. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with Taraji P. Henson.

“She  really taught me a lot. How to be fun and let your energy out, and not to be nervous.”


Saniyya, 10, has known she wanted to be an actress since the age of 5. By the way, in between scenes, she loves eating bagels and cream cheese. She currently attends a performing arts school which is behind her endeavors 100 percent. The young actress believes in her craft so much that she plans to be a huge star with her education behind her. When Saniyya isn’t on the go to auditions and jobs, she loves spending time with her family while eating ice cream and watching Netflix.

This young star has a good head on her shoulders and is going to go far.  In the next five years she sees herself being a successful teenager. Her advice for young aspiring actresses like herself is to practice, practice, practice. work hard, and be flawless, successful, and true to yourself. show love to one another, have confidence, and love God.

“I’m excited most of all because I can’t wait to meet a lot of people and I just wanna touch a lot of people, to let everybody know that I’m there for them and I love them and care for them.”

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