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Fiesty Old Lady Hopes Purse Snatcher Gets Her A** Beat In Prison (VIDEO)

Bernice Starnes*Eighty-six year old Bernice Starnes has become an Internet sensation after her unfiltered commentary about having her purse snatched by a Bronx hooligan went viral. On September 11, surveillance video captured the moment a woman snatched Starnes purse while she was sitting in her wheelchair outside her apartment building.

“She said to me, ‘Good morning,’ then took my purse and said, ‘Yeah, it is a good morning,’” Starnes said. Wheelchair bound Bernice watched helplessly as thief  Adrienne Terry fled on foot with her purse.

“Give me my bag, give me my bag,” she yelled out. “I want to put my foot up your ass and my fist down your throat.” But it was too late — Terry was ghost.

Within two days,Terry was arrested and charged with grand and petty larceny. Starnes was interviewed by Ayana Harry of Pix11 and shared her feelings about the arrest, and she didn’t hold back.

“She wanted to hurt me and the bitch don’t even know me,” she told Harry. “I hope some of the women in prison beat her ass every day, long as she’s in there.”

When Harry noted that that’s a bit harsh, Bernice snapped back: “What she did to me was even worse. I’m supposed to feel sorry for that b*tch. I don’t!”

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After she got the money and a bank card, criminal Terry tossed the pocketbook in the trash, also seen on the surveillance video. While being escorted to a police car in handcuffs, she maintained her innocence.

“It wasn’t me” Terry said when PIX11 News asked if she had any words on the accusations against her. Bernice hopes she’ll stay in jail “for the rest of her freakin’ life.”

Officers pooled their own money together and donated it to Starnes, who was reduced to tears when she received it, the news site reports.

Check out Starnes’ hilarious on-camera interview below.


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