Friday, August 12, 2022

Snoop Calls Roland Martin ‘Fat, Bald Headed’ Over ‘Roots’ Boycott Diss [WATCH]

roland martin & snoop dogg

*Earlier this week, if you missed it, NewsOneNow anchor/newsman Roland Martin went in on Snoop Dogg because the weed loving rapper called for a boycott of the remake of “Roots.”

In an Instagram video, a pissed off Snoop said: “they’re going to just keep beating that sh*t into our heads” and as part of his rant, he asked: “When y’all going to make a motherf*cking series about the success that black folks is having? The only success we have is Roots and 12 Years a Slave and sh*t like that, huh? F*ck y’all.”

In response to Snoop’s tirade against the History channel’s new series, Martin called out Snoop on his show News One Now for smoking too much “weed” and not bothering to call “Will Packer, Ava DuVernay, or call Spike Lee or the countless African Americans out there who are trying to make those films and looking for folks like you who are going to put their money where their mouth is, as opposed to their money on some good weed.”

Martin added, “Snoop we will never forget, the ball is in your court, fo shizzle my nizzle.”

As you may have already figured out from our headline, Snoop wasn’t about to let Martin’s response/taunt slide, so he posted this video:




  1. Well, some of yall put Snoop on a pedestal. I don’t know what folks expected someone who was never socially conscious to say something intelligent. I didn’t even bother to hear Snoop’s silly rant. Yt love him because he stays in his place.

    • @NYCsoul: I totally agree with you! Snoop is NOT very bright! This is a man that glorified PIMPS!

  2. You can always tell when someone has no point because they invariable resort to calling names rather than sticking to the issue.

  3. I rarely comment on my disappointment when celebrities do or say stupid shit, but with this, which NYCSoul hit the nail on the head when he/she mentions his lack of social consciousness, Snoop has lost so much of my respect. Roland Martin is a well-respected and socially conscious journalist and Snoop is…

    • It’s real and it’s history…You never here Jewish people make comments like they are tired of hearing about what their ancesters went through…..We must never forget…

    • I understand why many are tired of seeing the same slave narrative because there is no variety, but my point with Snoop is that instead of complaining, I’m sure he has the money to do something about what’s seen.

      If people don’t like these kinds of movies, they don’t have to see them, but I don’t think we should hide from them. This is our history and so many young Blacks and others don’t know it.

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