Thursday, May 13, 2021

K. Michelle Blasts Angela Yee Over Uncle Murda Comments

k-michelle-and-angela-yee*K. Michelle’s time on The Breakfast Club turned into a heated moment with co-host Angela Yee.

The outspoken singer was on the morning show to promote her new album “More Issues Than Vogue” when Yee brought up comments made about her by rapper Uncle Murda.

Apparently Uncle Murda disrespected K. Michelle last week when he and fellow rhymesayer Maino stopped by The Breakfast Club. During the interview, Uncle Murder got real personal when talking about K. Michelle during his interview.

“She got that stink coochie, I call it the K. Michelle sometimes I just speak what’s on my mind,” he said. “I know people who did certain things with her. My man said it was not right.”

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Reacting to Uncle Murda’s comments, K. Michelle went in on Yee for bringing her name into the rapper’s interview.

“My thing with you is, the fact that you are friends and family of the label,” she told Yee. “You was at my listening party. You knew that album was coming out. You know how the media attacked me. So you know, any negative headline, that they can put up about me to overshadow my music, it’s what they do.”

As for anything going on with her and Uncle Murda, K. Michelle made it clear on social media that nothing sexual ever happened with them.

“Owwwww #1 Let’s go. Keep promoting a mixtape off some p*ssy you ain’t never got,” she tweeted. “What you mad at me for? Dab to the paper. All the attention you seek in the world won’t help you matter.”

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Taking the high road regarding the situation, Yee tried to not get caught up in to K. Michelle’s anger towards her in the following tweet:

To see K. Michelle’s Breakfast Club interview, scroll below:

source: Hello Beautiful



  1. We actually don’t know who to believe at this point. Frankly, we can less about her sexual encounters. We are interested in her music.

    KM is an excellent songwriter, and singer.

    I think that she rubs so many people the wrong way, just by her opening her mouth, many times at the wrong time, and on issues that just doesn’t involve her at all.

    And there are countless naysayers, and haters that just loves to watch her get crazy mad, delirious, enraged, and spiral out of control. Which causes a lot of question marks to come up in people heads. They cannot get past her anger management problem, and outspokenness to get to the substance of her music.


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