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Black Pharaohs: The Kings of Kush – Egypt’s 25th Dynasty



kush - Kings of Kush Amenirdis Pharaohs Egyptian 25th Dynasty - Copy

Kings of Kush, Amenirdis I Pharaohs Egyptian 25th Dynasty

*Once upon a time, in the ancient past, Before the Common Era (BCE), in an time most European scholars refer to as the mythical “dark ages.”

In the land of Kush, there lived a great, grand, highly enlighten civilization of sophisticated, charismatic, powerful and compassionate African kings, who would become Egyptian Pharaohs. They thrived, prospered and ruled for thousands of years BCE. These same kings were students of the ancient mystery schools of Africa, worshippers of Amun (one God), and the Laws of Ma’at.

Lost in antiquity and shrouded in mystery, ancient Nubia (another name for Kush), extended south along the Nile River from the First Cataract to the Shubaluga Gorge (Sixth Cataract ). Today this region is located in modern Sudan, with a small portion crossing into southern Egypt also known as the Land of Ham, by the ancient Egyptians, Libyans, Assyrians, Hebrews, and Persians. It was also called Ethiopia by the Greeks, Romans and 19th & early 20th century writers.

New archeological discoveries have recently proven that earlier Egyptian lineage origins flow from Ethiopia ( Grandmother ) to Nubia ( Mother ) to Kemet aka Egypt (Child ). These rich new discoveries negate current Egyptology academics, who insist that all great civilizations originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia, however new DNA, archeology and anthropology studies conclude these were not the first great civilization and that Egypt’s roots of origin flow undeniably back into ancient African.

Original Photo Kings of Kush - 25th Dynasty

Original Photo Kings of Kush – 25th Dynasty

The First Pharaoh
Pharaoh Alara 790 – 760 BCE
” Gods make a king, man make a king, but Amun made me.”

Although not given credit in mainstream academia, Pharaoh Alara was the first to unify upper Egypt, establishing Napada as the religious Capitol in Nubia. Father and founder of the 25th Dynasty, his reign lasted for thirty years. He was beloved and revered as the “father of the 25th Dynasty.” As founder of the dynasty he also established a matriarchal co-Pharaoh-ship that included promising his sisters as the Gods.

The Original Icon
Amenirdis l Co Pharaoh (Culture of Amun )

Appointed Gods wife and Divine Adoratice of Amun, daughter of Kashta and sister of future Piye’ and Shabaka. She practiced spiritual powers of religion and political economics, a position held by women only in ancient Africa. This prominent role in politics, in later dynasties only held by men, shared power with women of the time. They were represented as equals a position that was more powerful than today’s Pope or President.

Divine “Adoratrices of Amun” were strategically placed. They were sworn to celibacy a practice which can be traced as far back as the year 1000 BCE, and were expected to adopt a daughter who would follow as the next Divine Adoratrice.

Each new dynasty named a princess of royal blood as the “Wife of Amun.” She was adopted by and associated with the existing Divine Adoratrice and would keep the post until death regardless of political turnovers.

kush - Ring of Priest Sienaum 25th Dynasty 690 - 644 BCE - Copy

Ring of Priest Sienaum 25th Dynasty 690 – 644 BCE

Women held high positions in ancient African politics. It was they also appointed their successor through adoption.

Amenirdis I, the High Priestess of Amun, had enormous power; she was very wealthy and was the number one political advisor to five of the seven Egyptian Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty. The Kings of Kush.

Pharaoh Kashta 760 – 747 BC
Kashta, the brother on of Alara, who ruled Egypt in a time of turmoil and destruction. However he unified the kingdom extending his rule to Aswan in southern Egypt. He reunified upper and lower Egypt was no easy task. The kingdom of Nubia was a powerful force who’s alliance included the Ethiopian army. King Kashta was also known as a very savvy politician.

Piye’ 747 – 712 BC
Pharaoh Piye’ – son of Kashta, ruled upper and lower Egypt from the Capitol of Thebes. His reign emphasized a revival of the culture of the new kingdom. He is credited with rebuilding the pyramids as a royal tombs. He also very generous to engineers architects who renovated ancient temples throughout the empire.

Shabaka 712 – 698 BC
Pharaoh Shabaka, son of Kashta, Piye’s brother and successor moved the royal residence to Memphis in upper Egypt. Continuing in the family tradition, he promoted harmony and the culture of ancient Kemet (Egypt) by commissioning the reproduction of religious text from earlier historical periods.

Shebitku 698 – 690 BCE
Pharaoh Shebitku was the fifth king of the Twenty Fifth Dynasty of Egypt. The nephew and successor of Shabaka, son of Piye’. Shebitku’s name means “Enduring is the Soul of Ra.”

Tarharqa 690 – 644 BCE
Tantamani 664 – 657 BCE (Last Pharaoh of the 25th Dynasty)
Pharaoh Tantamani was the son of King Shabaka and nephew of his predecessor Tarharqa. Once the Assyrians retreated from their first major defeat, Tantamaini marched down the Nile from Nubia and reoccupied all of Egypt. Necho I, the Assyrian was killed and his army retreated only to return with more forces to conquer Egypt in the delta and advance far south to Thebes, ( Karnak ) where the city was burned and mercifully destroyed. The Assyrians’ reconquest ended Nubian control over Egypt although Tantamani’s authority was still recognized in Upper Egypt until 656 BCE. They ruled for over 150 years and their culture and influence lasted for another one thousand years.

Valley of the Kings
Pharaoh Tarharqa Ordained by God

kush - Pharaoh Taharqa - Ordained by God - Copy

Pharaoh Taharqa – Ordained by God

The ancient Nubian Kings of Kush ruled an empire that stretched along the Nile river. Pharaoh Taharqa one of the most famous rulers of the 25th Egyptian Dynasty of Napatan Kush reigned from 690 to 664 BCE. He was also ruler and King of Ethiopia.

At age sixteen the boy pharaoh was called by the Hebrews for help, and the sons of Ham protected the sons of Shem, he led his armies against the invading Assyrians defeating them. This courageous act earned him acknowledgment in the Bible.

Tantamani 664 – 657 BCE (Last Pharaoh of the 25th Dynasty)
Pharaoh Tantamani  was the son of King Shabaka and nephew of his predecessor Tarharqa. Once the Assyrians retreated from their first major defeat, Tantamaini marched down the Nile from Nubia and reoccupied all of Egypt. Necho I, the Assyrian was killed and his army retreated only to return with more forces  to conquer Egypt in the delta and advance far south to Thebes, ( Karnak ) where the city was burned and mercifully destroyed. The Assyrians’ reconquest ended Nubian control over Egypt although Tantamani’s authority was still recognized in Upper Egypt until 656 BCE. They ruled for over 150 years and their culture and influence lasted for another one thousand years.

(Isaiah 37:9, 2 Kings 19:9 ) The Nubian’s were ordained by God.

After the invasion of Egypt by Syria the Kushite Pharaoh was victorious and regained control of Egypt. Revered as a great military leader, politician, diplomat and builder, renovating temples, ushering in a great period of rejuvenation and renaissance.

Egyptian Pharaoh Tarharqa granite statue discovered after 2,500 years in Sudan

In 2003, Swiss and French archaeologists discovered seven 2,500 year old ancient granite statues of Egyptian Pharaohs, better known as the Kings of Kush, in what is now Northern Sudan.

The team from Geneva University uncovered the “exceptional” treasures while excavating the Nile valley.

Ancient Map of Eden

Ancient Map of Eden

The Swiss archaeologist and head of the expedition, Charles Bonnet, describes the statues and monuments as sculptural masterpieces. “The quality of the work means they are real masterpieces of this period and for the history of art the discoveries are fabulous,” Bonnet told Swissinfo. Bonnet was excavating the site 500 kilometers north of the Sudanese Capital of Khartoum when he came across a small piece of stone. He began to clear away the sand and eventually revealed a two meter long granite statue. The name Taharqa was inscribed on it and the words, Council Supreme, engraved on the statue, just above the head of the king, in what appears to be English writing. It’s an extraordinary masterpiece and discovery — indeed.

Continuing the dig, Bonnet and his French colleague, Dominique Valbelle, discovered a pit filled with finely carved, granite statues of the Nubian Pharaohs. “It was really fabulous,” Bonnet said of the find, which he believes is of worldwide importance and “represents” a significant contribution to the history of Egypt and Sudan, also known as Nubia the land of Kush.

Well preserved the archeologists were impressed by how well the statues – which date back to approximately 600 BCE had been preserved in the ground.

kush - Kushite 25th Dynasty Statue - Copy

There were seven stone carvings uncovered, including the Pharaohs Tarharqa, and Tanoutamon – and the King of Kush, Senkamanisken, 640 – 620 BCE who ruled from Napata for twenty five years after the end of the 25th Dynasty.

The Nubian’s ruled over the Kingdom of Kush, an ancient land that included Egypt.

They were eventually overthrown by the enemy who destroyed and smashed statues to obliterate any signs of Nubian rule. The recently discovered archeological art treasures seem to be have been intentionally buried and hidden.

“We are the Kings of the world we stunned the world by our Knowledge and we still will though we took the secrets of knowledge with us.” — Priest Sienamun, late 25th Dynasty 690 – 644 BCE

Ancient Map of Africa

Ancient Map of Africa


Dr. John Henry Clark –  Teach Our Children Our History, Black History Cheikh Anta Diop – The African Origin of Civilization Myth or Reality Chancellor Willian’s – Destruction of the Black Civilization

Ashra Kwesi, historian  – Kemet Nu

University of Cambridge –

Black Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty: 

Contact historian, researcher, writer, media, producer Diane Blackmon Bailey via: [email protected]



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