Wednesday, December 8, 2021

NYU and Columbia Among School’s on Malia Obama’s Consideration List

malia-obama*As her senior year approaches the halfway mark, Malia Obama finds herself among the many high school students who have to decide which college to continue her education at.

According to NBC New York, the decision has been narrowed down to New York City-based schools Barnard College and New York University. Malia’s mother, First Lady Michelle Obama mentioned that her daughter is spending her time completing college applications and nervously taking standardized tests as she preps to go to college.

Other school’s on Malia’s consideration list include Wesleyan University and Yale in Connecticut, Tufts, Brown, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley.

Malia’s selection of the right college for her has been a hot topic every night for the first family, Mrs. Obama said earlier this year.

“We are talking about this in my household every night, every night. And there’s really no magic formula,” the first lady said. “It is a very individual decision,” the first lady said, adding that Malia wants to be a filmmaker.

With that, NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts comes to mind . Famous alumni from the school include famed directors Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee. Malia’s prep for a career as a filmmakers have included an internship last summer on the set of HBO’s comedy-drama “Girls” as well as time spent in California as a production assistant on the CBS sci-fi drama “Extant.”

In addition, Malia has done several internships at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, Mrs. Obama recently revealed.

Taking note of the schools Malia’s parents attended, NBC New York stated that President Barack Obama graduated from Columbia in 1983, while Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton in 1985. Despite attending different schools, the president and first lady got their law degrees from the same school: Harvard.



  1. I hope she chooses a school with a big campus.

    NYU… it is had to define the campus. It is part of NYC.
    Columbia… same thing

    Both GREAT schools. I guess for Malia… she will at least have the secret service.

  2. ** hard **

    What I mean is you have Washington Square Park… that almost seems like it is the campus. It is not… it is part of NYC. 🙂

    I attended NYU. I lived near Columbia. 🙂

  3. The irony is that, in an article talking about higher education the author ends one of the earliest sentences with “at” a preposition. Does anyone edit these articles for usage, spelling or grammar or do they just blow them out of their asses for negroidian consumption?


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