Thursday, January 27, 2022

Virginia HS Students Pose in ‘N16GA We Made It’ Tees (Pic)

students at mountain view high school
Students at Mountain View High School pose in their homemade shirts

*Another high school has made headlines over its white students adopting the N-word-laced chorus of Drake and Soulja Boy’s song “We Made It” to celebrate a scholastic milestone.

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King tweeted a photo Thursday morning showing two white students sporting homemade Class of 2016 shirts that read, “N16GA We Made It.”

According to King, the students are from Mountain View High School in Stafford, VA.

So far, no word from the school regarding the story behind the shirts or the fate of the students.

In May 2014, white students at South Forsyth High were photographed hanging a Class of 2014 banner from the side of a school wall that read “Nigga we made it #2K14.”

wemadeit 2
Students hang banner at South Forsyth High School in GA



  1. @kates1221 and fam, y’all must be young and immature or just immature. I don’t care if it is part of a song. Nobody including blacks should be using the N word or any variation of it. It is not a term of endearment or cool. It is demeaning and insulting. No wonder white people feel like they can use it…dumb ass black people use it all day long like it is a nickname or something.

    • Perhaps the word shouldn’t be used, but that doesn’t negate the fact that is used. A lot. And this group used it in the title of a song, that I’m sure they hope will sell like hotcakes. Evidently they don’t feel as strongly about not using the word nigga’ as you do. So what? Live and let live.

  2. as long as Black people continue to use the word, including songs, don’t expect whites to refrain from using it. lead by example Black people, stop using the n-word…..!

  3. Historian, get over it! This is a new day and what was acceptable in your day, is just that, “dated!” The hip hop culture has brought about a change, and has given us a universal language that is being used all over the world. And as far as I’m concerned, for the better. “Old Historian” like your self will just have to adjust to the days new vernacular! The words “whore, nigga, bitch and so on, just don’t have the same meaning as it did when you were young, if you were ever young, LOL!!!Besides, these kids don’t care if you get it are not, they are not talking to you, they are talking to each other.


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