Friday, May 27, 2022

Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby’s Husband Enters Race for City’s Mayor

marilyn mosby and husband nick mosby*Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby may be a nationally known, but her husband could be next in line to run thing things as he enters the race become the embattled city’s next mayor.

Speaking before a packed crowd, Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby was with his wife and two daughters when he announced that he will indeed run for mayor, Jet reports, adding that the former systems engineer said he would take his problem solving from “the board room to the corner.”

Flanked by his wife and two daughters, Mosby took the crowd down memory lane while chatting about growing up in a single parent home surrounded by women. Years later, he would meet his future wife at Tuskegee University. After getting hitched the married couple decided to make their home in a changing inner city neighborhood instead of moving into the suburbs.

Political success would shine on the Mosby’s, with Marilyn being an assistant State Attorney when Nick won his first race for city councilman in November 2011. Nick would later convince Marilyn to run for State Attorney after a series of rapes went uninvestigated.

Nick’s influence as a councilman continued as he helped Marilyn get elected while serving as her campaign manager.

A powerful political presence in her own right, Marilyn Mosby generated national attention when she deemed the death of Freddie Gray a homicide on April 30, 2015 and charged six Baltimore Police Officers with complicity in Gray’s death. The move proved beneficial as it quelled violence, which left stores, looted, National Guard Troops on corners and the imposition of a curfew.

Reacting to the violence, which occurred in the district he represents, Nick announced his intent to run for mayor in the parking lot of a closed housing project that some called “murder mall.”

“Are you willing to fight for better Baltimore?” he asked the diverse crowd, which included “stalwart Civil Rights activists, mothers with their children, and white millennials who have moved in to a changing neighborhood,” according to Jet.

Mosby is the latest addition in what looks to be a heated race to become mayor that includes former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon and previous mayoral hopefuls Baltimore Councilman Carl Stokes and Maryland Senator Katherine Pugh, who lost previous bids for the office.

Incumbent Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake opted to not seek re-election amid criticism she received for her handling of the Baltimore riots.




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