Sunday, May 22, 2022

Donna Brazile, in Tears, Rips Overreaction to Obama’s ‘N-Word’ (Watch)

Donna Brazille
Donna Brazile

*Without mentioning the name of her colleague Don Lemon, longtime CNN contributor Donna Brazile clearly came for him and the histrionics he and other cable news anchors displayed over President Obama’s use of the N-word during a podcast discussion about racial prejudice.

“I’m glad [Obama] tried to make a point. Many people – it went past them. They didn’t understand; they focused on the word and not the meaning and that’s part of the problem,” Brazile told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer this afternoon.

Brazile said she “got her butt whipped” by her parents when she tried to use the N-word as a child. They taught her that it “was used to dehumanize my father, my grandfathers, my mother my grandmothers. We were told to never use that word. And I don’t’ use it. And I don’t listen to music that often uses that word.

“But [Obama] was trying to make a point. And I’m glad that he made it,” she said, emotionally.

“But unfortunately it went right above some people and they focused on the [word],” she repeated, for emphasis.

Brazile became emotional when talking about her three young nephews growing up in South Carolina, where, last week, nine black residents were murdered in a church by a Confederate flag-obsessed white supremacist.

“I don’t want anything to happen to them…Those are young boys. And they want to be men… I want them to grow up in a country, unlike the country my parents grew up in, and my grandparents, and me,” Brazil said, choking up. “I want them to be free of all of this. And I will work for that,” she added, struggling to get out the words.

“I’m sure you will,” Blitzer said softly.

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  1. Yuh know?, POTUS’s use of tha word is suuuuuch a “reach for distraction” for the Rightwing. For one?, they want to take the attention for them being “down with the present gun laws” & kissin the NRA’s ass etc…, & therefore admit their responsibility of Dylan Roof’s actions AND other’s!! They’ve been waaaaiting for POTUS to do SUMPtin after he put them ‘on blast, for mentioning the “gun factor”, in response to the massacre in Sth Carolina. And “as IF”!!! the shyt isn’t ….relevant??!!! GTFOH! But the main thang in Obie’s usage of that word is?…..”he merely “SAID” the word, he didn’t “CALL SOMEONE THAT WORD”!!! A MAJor difference from when saaaaaay….Nixon & others “CALLED “ALL OF Us”!!!!, that word. So….FK the Rightwing & their….”search for cover”, under the BS umbrella of….”they “CARE SO MUCH” aBOUT, the usage of that word. (Especially when we can reasonably assume that….they call EVERYone who isn’t “White”…..nigger.) TJBT!


    • I totally agree, he used the word to describe what he and most of us (at one time or another) have been called. The funny thing is that I have seen (and had) discourse as to why if “we” use the word, “they” can’t use the word too. Personally, I wish “we” didn’t call each other that either.

  2. President Obama did not “use” the N-word, he explain it. President Johnson used it. President Nixson used it, president Trueman used it. Most of the president used it. Why are they not talking about them?

    • B/c YT is a low down lyin insecure hypocrite, who is noTORiouly….”allergic to the truth” & masters of the…. “transference of THEIR guilt & responsibility”. Like now?, ppl should pay attention to how we’re slowly talkin more about that damn “flag” than the asshole who murdered those ppl! And now “this”POTUS’s N-word use”, more than the fact that….”the poe poe ignored E. Garner’s & F.Gray’s pleas for help but….when Dylan Roof was arrested & complained of being hungry?, THE POlICE DTOPPED AT BURGER KING, & GOT THAT BYTCH A FKN “WHOPPER”!!!! Now….what news channel/reporter is talkin bout “THAT” shyt??!! No GD bawdy!! And why?, b/c if so?, the next question would naturally be…..”HTF did he EAT the GD burger?!! And then?, we all would HAVE to come to the conclusion that….those police did NOT follow proper protocol, “agreed WITH DR”!!, & “REWARDED HIM” with that burger!!! &…..”DYLAN ROOF WAS “NOT” HANDCUFFED”!!!!! “BOOM”!!!!! But!!!???, instead of all lat?, let’s just camp out ‘on “this” blatant BS or the “OTHER” reDIC…..”POTUS (“THIS” POTUS!!!) should apologize for “SLAVERY”!!!??? No BS!!, this is what the Rightwing REtards have come up with. SMGDH! But again, “ANYthang” but WTF the truth or subject truuuuuuly is! Hashtag….”malicious denial”/lyin muthafkas”! TJBTITMFB!

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