Saturday, August 13, 2022

NAN’s Statement Regarding DOJ Clearing Darren Wilson of Civil Rights Charges

rev. al sharpton

National Action Network, the civil rights organization led by civil rights leader Reverend Al Sharpton, is deeply disappointed with the decision by the DOJ that they have cleared Officer Darren Wilson of civil rights charges in the death of Michael Brown. From the day Michael Brown was killed, NAN has stood with the Brown family in the pursuit of justice

We hope that the Justice Department’s finding that the Ferguson Police Department had a pattern and practice that violates the First, Fourth, and 14th Amendments of the Constitution, will result in an overhaul of the department.

We will not be discouraged as we continue to fight for the family of Eric Garner a as they await the decision in the federal investigation of his death. We will continue to push for legislation and policies that protect the rights of all citizens. As Martin Luther King Jr. said “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” We will continue to fight until we see that change come.”



source: Jacky Johnson,



  1. So is Al Sharpton still adamant about never calling out Obama, seeing that he vowed in a 60 Minutes interview never to criticize him under any circumstances?

    He has to know that Obama is the one who stopped Holder from charging Wilson. That decision had nothing to do with “findings” by the DOJ. It was purely a selfish decision made by Obama.
    So what Obama is saying, is that he agrees with the ludicrous argument from white people, that Mike Brown did the impossible and charge at Wilson despite being subjected to a hail of bullets. Something that has never been documented in human history.

    As for Eric Garner, there won’t be a decision from the Obama DOJ. He knows that folks won’t keep quiet on that one, so he’s going to run down the clock so he can hand it off to the next administration.

  2. This whole Mike Brown event HAS to be a PUBLICITY STUNT because there is no way this cowardly policeman wouldn’t have been charged if he actually shot a fleeing teen 6 times! And now they are even saying Mike Brown didn’t have his hands up! THIS MAKES NO SENSE! HANDS UP is the mantra of the whole EVENT!!!! And why is Eric Holder actually leaving? And why did he come to Ferguson in the FIRST PLACE like he was going to actually DO something!! Where is the NAACP and what are they going to do about this??? Or is it just business as Usual? I DEMAND THAT THE NAACP AND REV. BARBER DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!! I am starting to believe that Obama and his whole CABINET IS VERY INEPT when it comes to Black people!

  3. please don’t forget about Congress – they are the ultimate chokehold for every Black person in this country, including the President …

  4. What we are witnessing in Amerikkka in terms of violence against black people by “public safety” officials is nothing new.

    It was the public safety officials who oppressed our people during the era of Jim Crow, and that slimy bastard has been resurrected.

    We absolutely must kill Jim. Not wound him, but kill him.

    The only way that will happen is if we get independent prosecutors (far outside of the city, and state where an incident occurs) to arrest, and jurors to convict rogue cops, and anyone else who opts to molest black people.

    Until this happens, nothing will change.

    Institutional racism is rampant throughout Amerikkka, and we didn’t need the DOJ to tell us that. Anyone who doesn’t know these things is simply pretending…

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